Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It’s About Time

Oh my, it’s been two weeks since I last posted – wow, ‘mmy bad!!!  Sheesh, I guess I’ve gotten lazy, so it’s about time to update the blog.  We haven’t been all that busy, but have been sort of living day by day doing the same ol’, same ol’.  Judy has been doing a lot of sewing projects and attending her activities at the clubhouse.  We both have been doing a lot of reading, one of our favorite pass times. 

The big thing has been getting ready for Christmas.  This year we fell behind the power curve and didn’t get our Christmas shopping done early.  Normally we try to acquire all the gifts and leave them behind as we visit the kids throughout our summer travels.  But this year, being that we w*rked in northern Michigan, that didn’t happen.  Yesterday we spent forty-eight bucks for shipping costs - yikes!!    That and Alabama sales tax of 10%, it behooves us to reinstitute our old “Johnny Appleseed” plan of scattering presents across the land as we travel.

About a week and a half ago, on a bright sunshiny Friday afternoon, we joined together with Jim and Ellie at Big Daddy’s to bid fare thee well to Paul and Margery.  They pulled up stakes and headed south for the winter; well, further south than we are.  It’s been nice to have them here at the Plantation for the past couple of months.  They worship with us at our church whenever they are in town and we are going to miss their smiling faces each Sunday morning.  We’ll especially miss Freeway, their pooch – he’s a real cutie patootie.  They’ll be coming back to the Plantation this spring (once the weather warms up Smile) so we’ll be looking forward to their return.

A new eatery has opened in Perdido Beach called The Gulf which is located right next to the Perdido Pass (a waterway connecting Perdido Bay to the Gulf of Mexico).  The Gulf is a whole new concept in that the buildings are made up from shipping pods.  It has a limited menu that you order from at the window and then your order is delivered to your table which sits outside with panoramic views overlooking the Gulf and the Pass.   

One day last week eight of us (Jim, Ellie, George, Joanne, Keith, Roberta, Judy, and I) ventured southward for lunch at The Gulf.  The food is not that special, but the ambiance is nothing short of spectacular, so for that reason alone we’ll come back again.

100_3973 (1)

After we filled our bellies with burgers, we went for a romp on the beach and partook of some of The Gulf’s fine beach furniture.  A lazy day in the sun.  (you can place your cursor over the picture to identify the culprits)

100_3975 (1)  100_3979 (1)100_3982 (1)  100_3983 (1)

After lunch we migrated a little further east along Perdido Beach to the Alabama Florida line to visit the fine emporium known as Florabama.  It’s a rambling old facility that houses a gift shop, several bars, a restaurant (as such), dance floors, and, yes (heaven forbid), holds church services on Sunday.  It sits right on the line with half of it in Florida and half of it in Alabama, hence the name.  It’s one of those places that you’d most likely only visit once unless you escorted someone else on a visit.  While we were there, we had our picture made by one of the Florabama employees (and a fine representation of us delinquents it is).

100_3985 (1)

From there we headed back to George and Joanne’s house at the Plantation for some cake and ice cream.  No, it wasn’t anyone’s birthday, but cake and ice cream always fills the bill.  What a fun afternoon we all had.  And we look forward to a few more before Keith and Roberta head for Arizona and relinquish the keys to their property to Judy and me (we’re buying their lot here at Rainbow Plantation).

I must confess, that I haven’t been doing diligence to the Ol’ Ta Do List and it’s growing quite unruly.  Judy had a bout with bronchitis and that slowed us down for the better part of a week and now the Plantation is getting into the swing of the Christmas season (more about that in our next post) so the list will just have wait a little longer.  That will leave many, many projects lying ahead of us.  With any luck, they’ll all be behind us before we begin our travels next spring.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (I Thessalonians 5:28)

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