Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bringing You Up To Date

This morning it was refrigerator weather outside – 40*.  With the wind factor, “they” are saying that it’s equivalent to freezing – 32*.  That’s just a little bit of Brrrrrr in the air for us here in L. A..  But, the tide is turning and we’ll be back to more seasonal temperatures by the weekend.

Okay, what have we been up to?  Pretty much the same ol’, same ol’.  The truck has been vacuumed out and washed, however, the interior still needs more cleaning.  It’s getting near time to change the oil and fuel line filter as well.  Judy has been busy with her crafting projects.  Due to the state of the economy, she’s killing two stones with one bird; that is, she’s getting to continue on with her crafts while making Christmas gifts at the same time.  

As for me, I’m “fixinto” get started on another painting.  Last summer we went to Frankenmuth, Michigan with Shirley and Warren.  While we were there, poking around in some of the gift shops, we saw a one thousand piece puzzle of a New England Cottage overlooking the waterfront.  We liked the picture so we set the puzzle box up in order to make a picture of the cover.  After working with the photograph in Picasa, I have it cropped and straightened to the point where both Judy and I like it.  Norm has a printer that prints on “canvas paper” so he is printing me a black and white copy on canvas that I can use as a sketch.  Now all I’ll have to do is apply paint.  Let’s see how this works out.  Here are a couple of pictures – one is the sketch format for painting.

NE Cottage  NE Cottage BW Sketch

We continue to get together with friends and attend the four o’clock social several times a week.  Sunday night was “Soupper Supper” at the clubhouse.  This is where around 15 to 20 people make up a large pot of soup to serve.  The rest of us bring a bowl and a spoon and donate $3 a person.  Then we get to “test” as many soups as our little hearts desire.  There are a lotta great cooks out there in Rainbow Plantation Land.  Yum, yum and we all had a great time.  By the way, the donation is given to charity.

Well, I guess that brings you pretty much up to date for the time being.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (I Thessalonians 5:28)

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