Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Day Cometh

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving, when all thro’ the house, everyone was stirring, especially my spouse.

Yep, today we will start preparing some of the dishes for tomorrow’s feast.  We need to pace ourselves, ya know.  Cranberry sauce likes to be served cold and, even though I like my apple pie served warm, it’s alright to eat it at room temperature.  However, when it comes to sweet potato casserole and stuffing, they MUST be served right out of the oven hot.  So guess what we’ll prepare today?

Other than that, we’re just laying low and letting Judy finish healing.  We went out yesterday morning attempting to get some Christmas shopping done.  A couple hours was about all she could stand before she was worn out.  Her body is still fighting whatever virus she has, so short bursts of energy is about all she can handle at one time.  I’ll be sure to nap her tomorrow before we head over to Jim and Ellie’s for fun, football, and turkey.

While we were out, we did pick up a Papa Murphy’s pizza for dinner.  They have a good Mediterranean thin crust white sauce pizza that we like and the neat thing is that you can bring it home to cook when your ready to eat.  I fixed it for my bride around four thirty and then we had a nice Cadbury Ice Cream bar for desert.  Who could ask for anything more?  Pizza and Ice Cream; life is, indeed, good. 

So, other than all that,

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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