Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Serene Setting

Here we are backed in quite snuggly under the maple trees.  It’s a tight fit, but with a little maneuvering and a shoe horn we are able to slide in there.  It’s kind of hard to get a picture of the whole rig through the trees.




The katts like it here under the trees.  Their two favorite spots are here in Belfast and at Ray and Pat’s in Mecosta, Michigan.  I guess it gives them a sense of “serenity now” being tucked away in the woods.  Here’s a picture of our sweet little kitten, Alex, with his Momma.  Notice the smile on his face – yes, he’s just a little kitty all twenty pounds of him.  In the meantime, Katie enjoys sitting inside and looking out the window.  Her favorite perch is on the back of the sofa; silly kitty.



On Wednesday afternoon the kids and grandkids will begin rolling in.  Mary and family from Virginia.  Shawn and family from Massachusetts.  Marc and family from New Hampshire.  Matt and family from Tennessee.  And Angie and family from Maine.  Counting grandparents there will be twenty four of us at the first ever Patterson Family Reunion.  Unfortunately, our son Brian from Michigan will not be able to attend.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (I Thessalonians 5:28)


  1. Are those Ragdoll cats? Wow, that Alex is huge - and beautiful...well, they are both beautiful. Hope you have a great family reunion.

  2. Where are you staying in Belfast?

  3. Glad to see that landing leg is still working!