Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Wow, It’s Been A Long, Long Time Coming

Gee, have I ever gotten lazy – in posting a blog entry that is.  We have been hunkering down at Rainbow Plantation doing the things that homeowners normally do (even though our home still has wheels).  Slowly, slowly we’ve been striking items off the “Ol Ta Do List” in count down to our departure day.  In a little over a week we’ll be “hauling anchor” and heading out for a summer full of travel and visits. 

Our first stop, as always, will be in Tennessee to have a grandchild fix.  It’s way over due, we haven’t seen those little imps since Christmas.  After a short stay in the Murfreesboro area, we’ll head east for a short travel day to Raccoon Valley (Escapee Park) to meet up with RVing buddies Gene and Judi Curp. 

There’s slightly over a million of us crazy people out here who live and travel fulltime in our RVs.  Judy and I have made lots and lots of friends along the way and it’s always nice to meet up with each other here and there as we are traveling.  Gene and Judi are now “off the road” (that means they have moved back into sticks and bricks), but they still have their RV and will travel from time to time.  I guess you could say that we are “off the road” as well since we now own our lot here at Rainbow Plantation and spend more time here than on the road.

Alexandria, Virginia is the home of our youngest grandson and his parents.  We’ll, of course, be making a stop by there for another grandchild fix.  It’s been way, way, way too long since we last saw him on his birthday in September.  He’s now eight months old and on the verge of taking off on his hind legs.  Wow, time does fly by.

Next we’ll spend a little time hanging out in Pennsylvania to spend a day, or so, with Randy and Terry (more of our RVing family).  Randy and Terry were doing a workamping stint in Bonifay, Florida this winter so we were able to get together with them several times over the past few months.

We’ll continue making our way northeast and eventually end up in Belfast, Maine where Matt, Jackie, and kids (from TN); Mary, Joel, and Josiah (from VA); and Marc, Amie, and kids (from NH) will show up for a family reunion on the 5th of July.  My brother’s kids and grandkids will be joining us as well as other relatives who live in the area.  It will be the first time in several dawg years that the Pattersons have all been together at one time.

While in Belfast, we’ll be sure to look up Gary and Millie, who are the campground managers here at Rainbow Plantation each November through May.  They are originally from Rockland and will be spending time with Gary’s sister in Belfast this summer.  I’m sure that Mike and Peggy will show up from Topsham for a day trip sometime while we’re in Belfast, but we’ll be spending a week in their neck of the woods later in July.

Okay, here’s where things get a little murky.  Somewhere in the plans is a stop by in Litchfield, Connecticut to visit with my aunt Marge and cousins on our way to Michigan.  We’ll be visiting our son as well as Judy’s sister and brother in Michigan toward the end of the summer.  Of course, there are more RVing friends, Ray and Pat in Mecosta, Michigan, where we’ll stay for about week or so.  

There is talk of a trip to Ashville, NC,  Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA on our way home with a stop over in western Georgia to visit with Mike and Gerri (more RVing friends who are now also “off the road”).  Or, there’s also a pie in the sky plan to travel west from Michigan with Mike and Peggy.  That would take us through South Dakota (Mount Rushmore), to Yellowstone National Park, then turn south to Zion National Park in Utah, and then onto the Grand Canyon before heading home.  Anyone have a quarter to flip?  In any event, come September (or October), you’ll find us back at Rainbow Plantation sitting on our front porch in our rockers – the “Old Folks At Home”.

Well, there you have it for now.  Maybe I can get on schedule and do more timely updates as we are traveling this summer.  You’ll probably have to indulge a Grandpa spinning a few yarns about the grandkids, but we’ll be sure to post some pictures of the scenery along the way as well.  So, hang in there, we’re about to “head ‘em up and roll ‘em out”.  In the meantime, it’s “wax on, wax off” as we continue to ready the coach for travel.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (I Thessalonians 5:28)


  1. Looks like you guys are going to be hauling butt to keep that schedule. If you happen to be in the area of Monroe City, Missouri (think Hannibal, Missouri) we would love to have you guys stop by for a visit. Mark Twain Landing RV Resort may not be a Provost style resort, but it is pretty cool especially considering there is a super water park on site. By the time you head this direction, the water temperature should be tolerable in the pools.
    Travel safe.

  2. With a schedule like that, you sound like first-year RVers! LOL After so many months with the wheels down, you'll have a grand time this summer. Safe travels as you embark on your adventures and your family fixes. ;-)

  3. BTW...when you return home, you'll need to put a new picture in your masthead of your new parking spot..especially after all the work you put into mowing that lawn. ;-)

  4. There is nothing quite like a grandkid fix. Have fun and enjoy your summer. Travel safe.

  5. Good to see you "Blogactive" again! Looking forward to seeing you guys in the Pine Tree State.

  6. Stop by and see us in Colorado. It looks like we will be in Colorado through sometime in September.

  7. Enjoy, and have safe travels. I look forward to seeing your photos and reading your reports.