Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It’s All About The Grand Kid

Almost all about the grand kid, but first, we arrived at Prince William RV Park (formerly Travel Trailer Village) and got assigned to a site.  It was the same site that we had last year when we were there.  That means that we crammed 10 pounds of RV into a 5 pound site.  I had to park “kitty corner” in the site to keep our back end from hanging out into one street and our front end from sticking out into the other street.  The site was level side to side but was much higher in the front than the rear.  Which caused us to have to raise up the front in order to unhitch the truck and then lowering it almost to the ground to get level.  Keep in mind that the right front jack is not working and we had to use a hydraulic bottle jack on that side.  We couldn’t get perfectly level but were close enough so that we could put the slides out. 

In order to hitch up, we had to let all the air out of the air hitch and air ride system on the truck, jack the front of the rig as high as possible, and back under real slow while the weight of the RV forced the springs on the truck to compress.  Once hitched up, we had to recharge air hitch and air ride system on the truck.  It took about an hour to get everything ready to roll.  It would be a bear on a rainy day so we’ve decided not to unhitch again until we get to Belfast. 

We’re cutting our stay here in Pennsylvania short and making our way to Topsham Fair Grounds where we’ll remove the jack.  Then we’ll take it to Mikee’s Lube Center, RV Repair, Fence Building, Shed Construction, and House Painting Emporium (also home of Peggio’s Fine Italian Restaurant – pronounced Pee-Gee-Oo’s) to repair the jack.  It will probably remain there while we make our way to Belfast for a couple of weeks.  We’ll be back in Topsham for another week later on so we can reassemble and reinstall the jack at that time.

Okay, now onto “It’s All About The Grand Kid”.  Mr. Josiah has grown like a little weed since last September.  As you can see, he’s up on his hind legs.  Not walking yet, however, the day is close at hand when he forgets to hold on and just walks away.  Baby proofing is taking place all over his humble abode.  Grandpa helped install a gate at the bottom of the stairs; he may not be walking but he doesn’t hesitate one iota when it comes to climbing up the stairs.

See Grandma, I told you I could do it!!!

DSCF7562  DSCF7563

“Peek-A-Boo Grandma!!!” as he pulls the rug over his face.  Alex the katt does the same thing thinking that if he can’t see us, certainly we can’t see him. 


Did you ever know of a little boy who didn’t like to be tossed around?  He loves to rough house with dad.

DSCF7578  DSCF9690

Here he is subdued with mom, or is that being subdued by mom?  He didn’t stay there long – things to do, places to go, people to see!


And here he is with a couple of proud Grandparents.  He’s not sure about this guy dressed in purple trying to imitate Barney, but Grandma gets right into the toy box and plays well with others.

DSCF7582  DSCF9707

Next, we can’t leave Belle the granddawg out of the picture.  The first picture is of Belle washing her face like a katt – that broke me up.  And another picture of Belle with Grandma.  Belle is not exactly in love with Josiah, but does tolerate him as he crawls all over her and pulls her fur.  Good Dawg U!!!!

DSCF9714  DSCF9716

Randy and Terry came for a visit.  As always, it’s fun to get together with them.  They are spending the summer in Pennsylvania at a campground in Dover which is about an hour away from where we are at Lickdale Campground.  By the way, Lickdale Campground is now a KOA Jonestown and has increased their fees about ten bucks a night.  Anyhow, Dover is where Randy and Terry’s granddaughter Reagan lives with her parents.  Next time we pass though this area we’ll need to find a place a little closer to Dover to stay for several nights, that way we can visit, visit, visit with Randy and Terry until our little hearts are content.  Also, we’re hoping that they’ll be able to spend some time on our lot at Rainbow Plantation this coming winter.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. (I Thessalonians 5:28)

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  1. Cute little grand-man you have there. It sure is fun to watch them explore their world. Good thing you got that gate up on the stairs.