Monday, April 26, 2010

Chores, A Visit, and A Decision

Another day of nothing much.  We did chores, sat and read, and made a short visit with the grand kids.  They took Uncle Brian to the zoo (and brought him back), did a little sightseeing, and stopped off at Target before returning home around 7:00 PM.  We needed a munchkin fix so, even though it was our bed time, we drove over to see them.  The kids were hungry and tired, not a good combination for Patterson kids, so we only spent a half hour with them.

The big event for yesterday was shampooing all the carpeting in the RV.  It may be just a small house but that actually makes it a more difficult to do the carpets; it’s a tight fit and you can only do a small section at a time while moving the furniture back and forth. 

Matt and Jackie have a Hoover carpet cleaner which is far better than the Bissell that we had when we lived in sticks and bricks.  It seems to be heavier and the scrub brushes work a whole lot better.  We borrow it whenever we pass through the area and the carpets always look great when we are finished.

Remember back in January, while we were doing our Habitat for Humanity build, that I wrote about us being wimps?  Today we were going to move over to a Tennessee Valley Authority campground nearer to Tullahoma (where the wedding is to take place), however, a quick phone call revealed that we would be without cell phone coverage (AT&T), sketchy air card coverage (Verizon), and little to no television coverage.  Weeeell, that dawg just isn’t going to hunt, so we decided to “stay put” right here for another three days.  By the way, if you have the National Old Fogies Pass (America the Beautiful Senior Pass) then camping at TVA campgrounds is half price which would save us $10 a day but, we need our electronic toys.

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  1. Well now - why am I not surprised that toys won out in this case! Have a another great day doin chores and lovin on grandkids.