Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Rainy Shopping Day

It’s Tuesday already.  Cool weather has set into Middle Tennessee with showers in the forecast for each day.  It’s all remnants of Saturday’s severe weather pattern that plagued the eastern United States.  What can I say, it all comes with the territory.  “Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you!”

Brian moved in with us yesterday and will be staying with us for a few days before going to a hotel in Tullahoma on Thursday.  He has been having pain shooting down his left leg and has a hard time sitting for any period of time.  He can lay down or he can stand up but it hurts whenever he sits.  We think he has a pinched nerve and hopefully it can be treated without surgery.  In any event, it is tough getting him comfortable.

Yesterday was a shopping day, mainly for Brian.  Due to his handicaps he lives in an assisted living arrangement and “they” helped him pack for the trip.  Well, obviously “they” have never traveled before because “they” didn’t have a clue as to how or what to pack.  He didn’t have enough shirts or pants and needed several bath items as well.  So, it was off to Target in Mt. Juliet where we were able to get everything needed.

After a stop at Walmart for a few pantry items and a stop at Pilot to give the truck a drink of good ol’ #2 diesel, it was home for the evening.  We picked up a supreme pizza at Walmart and that was dinner (darned good pizza for nine bucks).  Later, we watched a movie then it was off to bed. 

The house is crowded, visitors come with lots of stuff – or when you live in a small house it certainly seems like a lot of stuff.  We are violating the rig’s capacity of:  “Six for cocktails, four for dinner, and sleeps two.”  Katie and Alex are letting us know about it.  They totally agree with Mark Twain (only with a little twist), “Fish and guests stink after three hours!”

However, it will be nice to have our entire family all together at one time.  That hasn’t happened since Matt and Jackie’s wedding back in August of 2002.  Life is, indeed, good!!

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  1. Hope you're doing well with all the family stuff. Missing you! Hope Brian feels better!