Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rainy Day, Cook Out, and Grand Daughter Time

It was a dark and damp night with a full moon breaking through the clouds.  The wolves were baying in the background while the sheep were crouching down in a tight circle for protection.  John and Marsha were hold up in a small cabin on the mountainside attempting to keep warm when all of a sudden . . . . .

Oh, wait a minute, that’s my other novel.  As you can see, we don’t have a whole lot to report on this morning.  Yesterday was a cool, damp, and rainy day which translates into a “stood inside day”.  Judy went over to Matt and Jackie’s to do the laundry while Brian and I watched a couple of movies.

Last evening we burned some burgers on the grill at Matt and Jackie’s which we brought inside to eat (too cool outside).  Judy made her famous potato salad and we, also, had some the best grilling beans that Duke could rustle up (he won’t give us the recipe though).

We sat with the grand daughters for awhile.  Kalina just loves her books, however, she doesn’t sit long enough for us to read them to her.  She’ll gather up four or five of them along with her teddy bear, blanket, and sippy cup and climbs up into what’s left of your lap.  She sips, she hugs her bear, she passes you one book after another, sips some more, puts her blanket on your shoulder, and puts her head down on it for 15 to 30 seconds before starting the routine all over again.  Yep, she is a wiggle worm!!!  And a busy one at that.

Catia is a budding artist.  She loves to draw, color, water paint, and anything else that encompasses her artistic creativity.  Oh yes, she does this on her computer as well.  She has our old Gateway desk model computer which Matthew has set up with her games and other software.  It’s fun to see how creative and talented a five year old can be.

We came home to watch a little “tele” before hitting the hay and with that, another day has passed us by.  Thanks for following along and we’ll see ya tomorrow.

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