Thursday, April 22, 2010

On The Road Again, Again!!

Everything went right to plan yesterday morning.  We got up, had our coffee (can’t do a thing with this body without having coffee first), did our ‘puter stuff, and then started the getting underway routine.  There wasn’t much left to do, however, I had kept the ladder out of the shed so I could climb up and wax above the slideouts. 

With the checklist completed it was time to say, “See Ya Later” to a few of our neighbors.  First Ruth stopped by and then Gil and Orma stopped over  followed by Ron.  “Bye Guys!” Ron, Orma, and Gil

We made a stop at the office on our way out to settle our electric account and then “hit the road”.Hitting The Road Again

It was nice to be traveling again.  We get so entrenched in Rainbow Plantation that it is hard to pull ourselves away but, once we get our noses pointed down the road and feel the winds of freedom against our cheeks the excitement sets in.

The weather has been nothing short of fantastic over the past few weeks and it was a perfect travel day.  We had an uneventful trip, just the way we like them, and arrived at Suncoast RV just before two o’clock – a little too early to get off the road but a four and a half hour drive none the less.

It was wonderful to travel along and see the signs of spring springing up all around us.  The greens of spring flowing forth from the trees with the crisp blue sky as the back drop was just inspiring.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.DSCF0993

After arriving at Suncoast RV we picked up some rubber grommets for the racks on the stove at the parts store and then did a walk about looking at some new RVs.  There wasn’t a single one that jumped out and said, “Take me home!”  The 42’ Winnebago Tour that we saw here last December must have found a new home ‘cause it wasn’t anywhere to be found.  Oh well, maybe next time!  Where’s that darned stimulus check?The Parking Area at Suncoast RV

Suncoast RV parking area is level with 50amp full hook ups, however, there are a few drawbacks.  First of all, all the sites are back in which means that if you have a motorhome with a “toad” then you’ll have to unhook first.  Secondly, for those of us with fifthwheels most of the sites too short to leave the truck hooked up to the coach.  Thirdly, as you’ll notice in the next photo, it is right next to I-65 which means noise.See the highway in the background?

We stayed at the end of the parking area a way from the highway (the rig is very well insulated so we don’t hear much noise while we’re inside anyway).  There are two sites that we can back far enough into that we can leave the truck hooked up (motorhomes would still have to unhook the “toad”).  This is definitely not a destination park but, it is free with full hook ups and better than the average parking lot.

Today we’ll finish our trek north to Tennessee where we’ll be putting down our landing gear for a few days.  We’ll engage in “baby sitting” duties this evening with two adorable little munchkins.  And, with that, we’ll put the finishing touches on another “day in the life”.

By the way, “thank you” for your comments – we really appreciate them.


  1. That rig is sure shiney. I'm jealous. Have fun wih the grandkids.

  2. Love your new blog, looks good!!

    Have a good time at the wedding and seeing the grandkids.

    Kathy and Bill