Monday, July 18, 2011

Electronic Woo-ka-lars

Sheesh, if it ain’t one thing, then it’s another.  Last night, while nuking some ‘taters for this morning’s breakfast, the microwave quit working.  It started making a loud noise and no longer nukes (heats up) the object (whether that be ‘taters or water or pop corn or whatever).  The convection oven portion of the unit continues to operate so that’s a good thing.  As long as we have a stove, we can still heat up “stuff” so all is not lost.  There are no plans to do anything about fixing the microwave at this time; we’ll just wait until we get back to the Plantation before addressing that issue.

Now, onto the television issues.  Before removing the old set from the entertainment center, I plugged it back in and, voila, it started working again – what’s up with that?   In any event, we still removed the old set and made a temporary installation of the new one.  We will rework the entertainment center once we get to Michigan in a couple weeks.  As long as the old set keeps working, we’ll install it in the basement and use it while we are sitting out on the patio.

Yesterday was Sunday, so it was church day.  We visited First Baptist Church of Freeport once again.  After a great worship service, Pastor Sandy and Bev (Rev and Bev) invited us to join them for lunch.  We spent a couple of hours at their home eating, chatting, and laughing.  Sandy grilled some burgers while Bev did some “con on the cob”.  There was, also, a macaroni salad and potato chips.  We were full so declined the ice cream for dessert offer.  It was good to spend time with them once again.

Being that lunch ended up being a pretty substantial meal, we joined Mike and Peggy around six o’clock at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard dessert dinner.  Then the four of us visited at our place for awhile.  Before we knew it, another day had come to an end and it was lights out.

Today is supposed to be rainy, however, we will change the oil at Mikee’s Lube Center in any event.  Also, we have an dining out outing planned for later this afternoon at the Block and Tackle restaurant in Cundy’s Harbor.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -  

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