Monday, July 04, 2011

The Verdict Is In

After several attempts to revive my Toshiba computer, I just had to pull the plug, cover it with a sheet, and pronounce it DOA.  I did everything imaginable utilizing the F2 and F12 keys with no success.  Next I tried to reload the back up disks that came with the 'puter.  Half way through disc 2, I got a 10-FC12-045D recovery error message.  So I made second attempt at restoring the computer to the factory settings and received the same message.  The only thing left to do was to reformat the hard drive which resulted in a 20-FFFE-045D error message.

An online check of these error messages reveals that they both indicate a bad hard drive.  At this point, the only solutions are to install a new hard drive or purchase a new computer.  It would be just plain crazy to spend money on a new hard drive for a three year old computer, so that leaves me with only one choice.  Buy a new laptop!  Fortunately for us, money grows on trees and Maine has a lot of trees!

In the interim, I figured that I could download Live Writer on Judy's computer, however, her six year old Dell doesn't support the 32 bit whatever it is that is needed to run the program.  Therefore I'm stuck with using the Blogger Dashboard until I purchase a replacement 'puter and download Windows Live Writer.  That means little to no pictures 'til all that happens, which could be several days from now, because it's just way too hard using this crude method to load picures.

Okay, no sense crying over spilt milk (or busted computers).  It's Happy Birthday America, so Happy Fourth, everyone!!!!  Hope you have a great day celebrating.

We have the New Hampshire brood here with us to help with the celebrations.  Our Grand kids fix has been great.  We have lots of pictures of our outings that we can't wait to share with you once I get my computer "issues" resolved (hopefully real soon).

So, have a hot dawg or hamburger straight off the grill with a side order of potato chips and wash it all down with a nice cold drink.  Be sure to sit back, take a breath, and enjoy the freedoms that we have.  Also, give thanks to God for allowing us to live in the greatest country in the world - we are so blessed.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -

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