Friday, October 26, 2012

La Cucarachas, La Cucarachas

My dear wife has a phrase that she uses to describe the “yucky” in life; it’s “Gross and Disgusting”.  Well, I’ve been battling the “Gross and Disgusting” this past week.  I started out on my crusade to do battle with a colony of ants that decided they liked our home better than theirs.  It began in the basement and moved to the interior of our “little house on the highway”.  In battling the ant population, I had almost drawn as many battle lines as in the Civil War and, I was winning more battles than I was losing. 

Then the “Gross and Disgusting” occurred.  We discovered that we had an infestation of German Cockroaches.  “Ewwww, Big Time Gross and Disgusting” indeed.  Well, I mean to tell you that the battle immediately turned into a full-fledged war and, unfortunately, it was not on enemy soil; it was on our very own turf.  Now, you think that ants are a bitch (excuse the euphemism) to get rid of, try convincing a family of cockroaches that your not going to sublet your quarters to them.  They cry out ethnic discrimination and I can assure you that it is. 

They were attempting to implement squatter’s rights and were quite well entrenched, however, we entered into full combat; Combat Source Kill, that is.  With the strategic placement of six “bait stations” and the utilization of some Boric Acid powder in our basement, cabinets, and cupboards, the victory was ours.  Also, I crawled under the coach and sprayed the entire undersides with Ortho’s Home Defense.  Hopefully, we’ll not see the whites of their eyes ever again.  Ugly little buggers they are.

We have no idea where we picked these little vagabonds up, but before we depart Alabama again next spring, we’ll be sure to crawl back under the coach and spray the undersides with Home Defense once again in an attempt to discourage ants, bugs, and roaches from thinking they have found the high rent district.  We hates them creepy crawly things to pieces and have no plans to share our humble abode with any of them.  Victory is sweet indeed.

Now onto the more pleasant things in life.  Randy and Terry arrived right on schedule Monday afternoon.  Once they set up house keeping they came over to our house for an enjoyable evening of catching up and of sharing a meal together.  Judy had whipped up one of her famous homemade lasagnas.  We served a garden salad and some Cuban bread with a dipping sauce.  We always enjoy our times with the Guilers; you can follow their travels on their blog - Guiler Travels.

Tuesday evening Randy, Terry, Judy, and I headed to Big Daddy’s for some nice Shrimp Baskets although Randy enjoys his Big Daddy Burger.  Again, another fine dining experience with lots of chatting, chewing, and chuckling taking place.

Yesterday Randy, Terry, Judy, and I met up with Jim, Ellie, and JoAnn at Panini Pete’s to sample some more of their fantastic muffaletta sandwiches.  They were just as good as ever.  This was Jim, Ellie, and JoAnn’s first visit to this little sandwich emporium and all left satisfied.  As always, the fellowship is the best and it was especially good to see JoAnn once again.


This morning we are going to pick up Randy and Terry to go to breakfast at the Foley Diner.  As you can well see, we are eating our way through our whole monthly “eat out” allotment in one fall swoop.  It’s a good thing that it’s the end of the month.  Well, thar ya have it, another day (or two) in the life.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. (2 Thessalonians 3:18)

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