Friday, October 19, 2012

Rain, Chores, And Good News

Yay, a rainy day.  That meant that we could spend the entire day inside taking it easy, however, we continued on clearing some “inside” items off the “Ol’ Ta Do List”.  Here is a picture of the storm clouds gathering at sunrise on Thursday morning.  By the way, I had spread some fire ant “food” over our site on Wednesday in anticipation of some rain to soak it into the ground.


As you know, once one begins working on “Ta Do” lists, they have a tendency to grow.  You strike one item off and two more appear – it’s magic.  Somewhere in our travels this past summer we picked up a “family” of ants and have been trying to evict them ever since.  Being that they feel that they have squatter’s rights, we’ve had to employ the services of an eviction attorney – Home Defense.  We began with the basement; took everything out, vacuumed, and washed the compartment before spraying it with Home Defense.  Then, on our “stay inside because it’s raining” day, we cleaned out and sprayed the cabinet under the vanity, the furnace compartment under the refrigerator, and a couple of pantry cupboards.  Hopefully, the ant “family” will take the hint and move on over to Hank and Sandy’s houseSmile.

The other day I came inside while Judy was on the phone with Terry Guiler.  She was as giddy as a freshman girl being invited to the Senior Prom by the star football quarterback.  I told her I hadn’t seen that much giggling since our daughter’s news of a new grandbaby and asked if Terry was pregnant.  As it turns out she is not, or at least she’s not admitting to any such thing, but she and Randy are pointing their sights in our direction and will be stopping by Rainbow Plantation for a few days on their way to Bonifay, Florida.  Wahooo!!  That means I get to taste some more of Judy’s world famous lasagna once again; one of Randy’s favorites.  We look forward to seeing them and getting to spend some time with them once again.  It’s been waaaaay tooooo looooong!!!!   

Well, that pretty well wraps it up from Rainbow Plantation for now.  May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. Oh boy!!!! You're going to get a comment on this post!!! ; )


  2. What!! Terry's pregnant!!! I'm spreading the news.

  3. Wow! Mike I wonder if it will be a boy or girl??? I'll help you spread the word!! :-) guys have a GREAT time!! Wish we were there with you!! :-)

  4. DARRELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! You are soooooo bad!! Unless you saw a star in the East, there ain't no baby here. Only grandbabies allowed. And I don't have to give birth to those. See you in two more sleeps!