Monday, October 08, 2012

The Resting Place

Just as we promised, we’d check in once in a while with a post just to let you know that we are still alive and well.  Our life at Rainbow Plantation is pretty much as we predicted it would be.  We spend the mornings doing our “chores” and then attempt to take the afternoon off to play.  Being that we are going to be here for awhile, we are just taking our time and pacing ourselves.

Our church has started a new service on the first Wednesday of each month so we attended that.  It was a great time of worship with singing, teaching, and communion.  On the other Wednesday evenings each week we’ll be attending our 242 home group where we share a dinner, have a Bible study, and end with prayer.

I began the RV washing regimen and have washed the bugs off the front, the black streaks off the four corners, and the road dirt off back of the rig (those were the dirties places).  There’s no sense to do anymore washing until after I spend a couple of days washing the roof which I’ll do this week.  It’s dirtier than I have ever seen it and will streak the sides of the coach as I rinse it.  Once the roof is nice and clean, then I can wash the entire rig.  We want to start inviting people over for visits so we want a nice clean home – inside and out.

Friday, Judy did some more inside cleaning and she also made a nice egg plant dinner (if there is any such thing – yes, there is!!) while I fed grass to the lawn mower and weed whacker.  While I was at it, I mowed an area behind our lot where we can layout the Bocce Ball Court.  It was too hot play Bocce Ball right then, but the weather is turning cooler this week so, “let the games begin”.

On one of our days out to run errands, we stopped by the the Summerdale library where both of us picked up a couple of books.  It’s been nice summer like weather around here so we enjoy sitting outside to read.  Here is a picture of “The Resting Place”.   It used to be a very pretty view until the neighbor hacked up the trees so that dang fence could be installed to contain his dawg, but it’s still not too shabby a view and is nice and private.  The neighbor and his dawg have since moved away.


As always, if it’s Sunday then it’s worship.  Our church is growing by leaps and bounds.  Judy and I serve on the Connection Team each Sunday so we spend pretty much the entire morning at church.  Then, last evening, the Baldwin Pops were performing a “Concert in the Park” in Fairhope.  Ellie joined us the for the concert while Jim stayed home to cheer on the Broncos (we knew the Patriots didn’t need our support so we were “good to go”).  Here are some pictures from around the concert while the sun was setting in the background.


Today is the first monthly luncheon meeting of the Gulf Posse (Escapees Chapter 26) at the Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores.  Norm and Linda are picking us up this morning to make our way south from the Plantation.  Jim and Ellie are going to join us at the Oyster House as well.

So there you have it for the time being.  May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. Good to hear you are still alive and well. Jim and Ellie are dear dear friends of our. Please give them a hug from me.

    Take Care

  2. Randy really misses playing with the Pops. We need to find something similar for him in Bonifay. Miss you guys!