Monday, October 01, 2012

Taking A Hiatus

Yesterday unfolded just as we had predicted.  It sure was nice to be back in our own church and see all of our friends once again.  Our new pastor, Pastor Chris Bell, is awesome.  His sermon was right on the mark and very convicting; just what you go to church for, to be challenged.  It was on getting a new perspective about the people we encounter in our lives.  Yep, President Obama and Mitt Romney are both people Jesus died for regardless of how we feel about them.  So is that slow poke who decided to go for a walk and took his car with him, even though he is in our way.  I won’t preach the whole sermon, but basically, we need to get Jesus’ perspective on life.

We joined Norm and Linda around three o’clock for another chat, chew, and chuckle.  Norm and Linda aren’t just friends, they’re family.  It was nice to be back in their home and spending an evening with them.  Norm is a master cook and he had grilled a nice pork roast along with asparagus, potatoes, and coleslaw.  All that along with a fine wine and some ice water followed by a brownie with ice cream and a special treat on top.  It feels so nice to be home again, home again.

Today it’s all about clothes.  My first chore is to reinstall the clothes rack in the closet followed by my second chore which is taking the bikes off the back of the rig and attaching the clothes line.  Then, tomorrow is all about washing the bugs off the RV and the truck.  I didn’t run away from home, so let the chores begin.

Well, being that we are now back at Rainbow Plantation for the next several months, we’re going to take a hiatus from publishing a daily blog.  Afterall, who wants to read that “I washed the tires on the truck today” or “we vacuumed the livingroom this morning”.  Basically, we’ll be doing chores, maintenance, and just plain living our “abnormal” daily lifestyle.  Our big outing will be a trip to Wally World to pick up the three Bs - bacon, beans, and bread.  Oh, we can’t forget that we’ll get out once in awhile for worship and there’ll be activities at the clubhouse.  But, all in all, we will be pretty much living a routine lifestyle.

We’ll publish something occasionally just to let you know that we’re still alive and/or when we do something exciting.  There are still places around this area that we haven’t visited yet, so when we do, we’ll snap some pictures and tell you about the outing.  And there’s always grandkid pictures to publish every now and then.  However, in the meantime, thanks for following along and . . . . .

May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. Well I don't usually comment but I am sad to hear you won't be publishing daily. I love your sense of humor and I don't find it boring at all. I read you every morning. I will look forward to your occasional post.

    Take Care

  2. Welcome home! Enjoy your stay and keep us posted on any "breaking news". Have fun!!

  3. Please get your chores done so we can soon enjoy your writings again!

  4. Between chores, you guys need to try out Mom-N-Pops in Silver Hills This was a place you recommended to us. We ate breakfast there and loved it. The Peanut Butter Waffle is absolutely amazing, You gotta try it out.
    I am sure you are glad to be home and off the road for a bit. Please tell Fred & Dolores Pernerstorfer hello for us.
    While you take a break from blogging, let the Kats write for awhile.

  5. While scrolling around just now, I came upon a link to your blog. My goodness it's been a long while since I've dropped by. We met last year when we were at Plantation for a few weeks. It appears you are just getting back down there for a spell. Nice place to be for sure.

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