Saturday, October 09, 2010

De Munchkins, De Munchkins!!!

We arrived at Cedars of Lebanon State Park and were all set up by noontime (Central Time).  It has been Fall Break here in the southland which means families are flocking to the campground for one last weekend fling.  By early afternoon the campground was at full capacity with munchkins flowing freely hither and thither.  There are grand parents and parents and kids and grand kids tucked into every nook and cranny just enjoying what us fulltimers get to enjoy all year long.  It’s fun to watch them making memories while having some family time together in the great outdoors.

We journeyed over to Matt and Jackie’s to get some munchkin time for ourselves.  Radek has grown like a little weed, however, was not overly enthused about being handed off to strangers, even if they are grand parents.  Little Kalina picked up right where she left off last July by climbing into her grand parents laps and cuddling.  “Puppy, puppy!”  Catia has gotten to be a big girl and loves to have her grand parents attention; she’s a busy little girl.  It was wonderful to see them again. 

I don’t remember if we shared this with you or not, but Catia was looking at some of her baby pictures a while back and asked her dad, “Who are those people?”  Matt told her that it was Grandpa and Grandma to which Catia replied, “Oh, was that before they got old?”  Somehow I don’t remember getting old, but I guess that explains who the stranger is in the mirror.

Slow Down!  Play Zone Ahead!  Kids at play!!!

Kalina Catia Sisters Radek

Today is sports and yard sale day, tune in tomorrow to see if we survive now that we’re old!!!!  Right Catia?  We’ll have to work on overcoming Radek’s fear of old people.

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  1. How cute is the statement from the grandbaby......I know what you mean though, although we only have the one grandbaby and he lives close enough to us (3hours)that he does know who we are and he does get to spend a week each summer with us. I love that you update so regularly, I need to figure out something to write since we are still just wantabes at the moment. Love it, I look forward to reading your blog each morning.