Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Christmas Gathering

Another day, another dollar.  We have been working on our two thousand and eleven budget and things are beginning to close in on us.  Judy experienced a 44% increase in her insurance premium and with fuel prices rising (we don’t think that they’ll drop this time) we’re losing enough buffer to make us feel just a little bit uncomfortable.  There’s enough “doe re mi” to make it, however, Mr. and Mrs. Conservative would like budget plus at least 25%.  Oh well, just send us off to the “poor farm”. 

Last night we attended a special home group meeting.  It was the annual Christmas Boat Parade on the Fish River so we gathered at a friend’s house along the river.  They have a huge covered deck that protrudes right out into the river.  It was a great place to watch the parade.

The Covered Deck First BoatAnother Boat The Parade

And, as always, when there are people gathering, there is food – and more food and more food.  There was a spread that wouldn’t quit featuring three different soups and a hundred desserts.  Yep, more food, friends, and fun.

Today is the day that the katts find out that we’re hitting the road in the morning.  After church we’ll start picking up the coach and arranging the inside into the travel mode.  They’re pretty astute and will pick up on the gentle hints.  Then it will be, “Where we going?”  “How long will it take?”  “When will we come back?”  You know, curiosity killed the katt (satisfaction brought him back).

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -

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  1. Your pics of the boat parade are great. We also budget (Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace program is what allowed us to retire at 52) so like you guys, we are adapting the budget to reflect fuel prices.

    Our intention was to explore the Atlantic Coast, and the Northeast this next summer, but we know at $3 per gallon it cost us 50 cents per mile to pull our rig. As prices go up, we will adjust the number of miles down. It all works out!