Friday, December 24, 2010

It’s The Day Before Christmas

Alex here.  Dad is sicker than a dawg and dawgs are pretty darned sick, at least that’s what Katie and I think.  So I’m taking pen in paw to scribble something in this morning’s journal entry. 

Dad refuses to stay down, though.  He says there too much to do for him to lay-a-bed.  So he will sneeze and wheeze and cough his way through the day.  Thank God for brandy to add to the egg nog and Ny-Quil for beddy bye time.

Katie and I have been watching mom and dad go in and out like little bees at a hive ever since we arrived here.  They no more than come home and turn right around to go back out again.  Last night they brought one of the munchkins home with them – not good!!!  We katts like our space and munchkins crimp our style.

Mom’s been busy making fudge and other Christmas goodies.  This morning she and Catia are going to make some mincemeat cookies – one of Dad’s favorites (right next to chocolate chip cookies with nuts, that is).  Katie and I hope to lick the bowl when she gets done with it (we love to lick the bowl and the spoon).  That’d be just the katt’s whiskers!!! 

“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.”  It’s been cold around here and we’re going to start seeing some snow fall tonight.  We could get up to three inches of the stuff before all is said and done.  I want to leave katt paw prints in the snow and maybe make a katt angel in the snow – just don’t eat any yellow snow!!!  I wonder if they will be able to see me out in the snow?  I’m a white kitty, ya know?

Teyve knew it, we know it, and we hope you know it.  Traditions are important!!!  Traditions give a family the sense of being and provide consistency over the years.  When two people marry they bring traditions from both of their families that need to be blended together. 

That is the case here in Murfreesboro.  Matt and Jackie carry on a tradition from Jackie’s side of having homemade pizza (and other goodies) on Christmas eve so Mom and Dad will be out once again this evening.  They will come home early to spend time with Katie and I though; maybe we’ll get to open a present or two tonight, pleeze, pleeze!!!

We wish you a wonderful Christmas eve enjoying your traditions with family and friends.  BBFN (Bye-bye for now)!!!


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