Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just So We Could Say We Did

We’ve been fulltiming for six years now and have totally missed out on one of life’s pleasures; visiting a Trader Joe’s.  So, we made a trip to Portland’s Trader Joe’s just so we could say we did.  A lot of our fulltiming cohorts have eluded to experiencing this phenomena, especially the “Two Buck Chuck” wine that is now three bucks.  Chuck (actually Charles Swan wine) didn’t have any thing in our color so we opted instead for a nice German Sweet Red which promises to be nothing short of delicious.

A nice leisurely perusal of the store presented us with some other buying opportunities as well.  Trader Joe’s prices are not out of line; actually, they are on par with Hannaford’s plus they have some really unique items that certainly intrigued us.  For instance, their breads (they had a good selection), Trader Joe’s Sweet Italian Chicken Sausage (Ooooo, so yummy), cheeses (lots of great choices), and olive oil (a good selection with prices that even beat Walmart). 

We were thrilled with our purchases (okay, I know, we need to get out more) and would rate Trader Joe’s right up there with Market Basket.  Now if we could only just get Trader Joe’s and Market Basket to move in next door to Joe Patti’s Fish Market in Pensacola we would be in Happy Camper Hog Heaven.

Chris from the Escapees RV Club called us about renewing our ERPU site.  Wow, five years has gone by already.  Yes, of course we’re renewing.  She’s getting the paperwork in the mail so we can sign it, get it notarized, and mailed back with our check for a buck.  Then we’ll be all set for another five years.  She said there are currently 38 people on the waiting list for an ERPU site at Rainbow Plantation and that the person who is number one on the list has been waiting for over a year.  We were fortunate to get our site when we did (we only waited four months).

Last night we had a fare-thee-well dinner at Peggio’s (pronounced PeeGeeOhs) Kitchen with Mike and Peggy.   And, as usual, Peggy whipped up a mighty fine meal.  We had shish kebab, which Mikee grilled, along with rice pilaf and a salad.  And for dessert we had some delicious lemon squares (pretty much the same recipe as the raspberry squares only in lemon flavor).  Thanks, Mike and Peggy, for putting up with us for the week.  We’re ready to roll, but we’re sure gonna miss our play mates -  you guys should fire up Winne and come out and play.

Well, it’s time to round up the wagon and call out, “Wagon Ho”.  We’ll see y’all from Connecticut tomorrow.

Happy Trails To You and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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  1. I'm a big fan of Trader Joe's (saw a new one being built in Ft Worth, TX just before we left) and especially like the quality of their items. You wrote that you were in Portland... Maine? We're headed that way and a Trader Joe's stop could be on our itinerary ;-)