Friday, May 18, 2012

The Patterson’s Big Adventure

It was nice to see the sun once again.  We (Mike, Shauna, Judy, and I) headed west from the house.  Our first stop was at Hussey’s General Store in Windsor, Maine.  At Hussey’s you can find just about anything you need “from nuts to soup”.  They even sell shot guns and wedding dresses, some things never change.  It’s a unique store with three floors selling just about everything you can imagine.  There may not be a large selection, but if you need “one”, they most likely have “it”.  And, “if they don’t have it, you don’t need it.”


DSCF9197  DSCF9199

From Hussey’s we made a stop at the extreme opposite – Sam’s Club.  Mike and Shauna needed to pick up some supplies for the week long “river trip” they’re doing beginning tomorrow.  They have two families of four people each canoeing the St. John’s river with them.  For those of you who don’t know, my brother and his wife are Maine Guides and have a canoe guiding business (Wilds Of Maine Guide Service) .

Upon leaving Sam’s Club, “Feed Me” showed up.  Mike knew of a sandwich shop in Winslow, Maine (Big G’s Deli) so we made tracks in that direction.  I have no idea where they get their bread, but one slice is four times the size and almost twice as thick as a regular slice of bread.  Mike and I shared a Reuben sandwich and we each only ate half of our half bringing the other quarter home in a “dawgie bag”.  Unbelievable!!!  Shauna had bread pudding and sweet potato fries while Judy enjoyed chicken tenders with sweet potato fries.  There were more than enough sweet potato fries in those two orders to feed a small army.  We hadn’t taken our camera inside with us so no pictures of the humongous sandwich, but it was yummy.

Next stop was Camp Caribou to visit Mike’s buddy Bill.  Camp Caribou is a family run sports camp for boys.  It is over 200 acres located on a peninsula on Pattee Pond in Winslow, Maine.  They have all up-to-date facilities and provide instruction in golf, hockey, football, baseball, basketball, and tennis.  There is, also, a woodworking shop and other craft activities for the kids.  On top of that, there are obstacle courses, canoeing and waterfront activities, and a zip line to round out the experience.  What a beautiful setting.

DSCF9201 DSCF9202DSCF9203 DSCF9204DSCF9209 DSCF9211

‘Twas seven o’clock before we returned home for a nice fish chowdah dinner.  Um, um good.  However, we were still pretty full from that lunch, and tired?  I guess we were tired.  With all that fresh Maine air we were ready for our PJs by eight and beddy bye by nine.  Oh, it was sooooooo good to see our old friend Mr. Sunshine once again and to get outside just to “kick some of the stink off”.

May God Bless  - - - - - - - -

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