Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Traditional Memorial Day

Being that yesterday was Memorial Day, what better way to spend it than being in a small community with a nice little parade followed by a family cookout.  You just can’t beat the patriotism of a small community.  They may not have big fancy floats in their parade, but they  a lot of heart.  There’s always an honor guard carrying the flag,

DSCF6684 DSCF6685

a high school band playing patriotic music,

DSCF6693 DSCF6687

military representation (the military contingency would stop every so often and fire their weapons in salute to fallen comrades),

DSCF6698-001 DSCF6700

a few local politicians and beauty queens,

DSCF6707 DSCF6708

various kids groups,

DSCF6686 DSCF6704

ox cart and tractors,

DSCF6710 DSCF6712

and, of course, the fire trucks.

DSCF6695 DSCF6715

John’s son, Tony, and his family hosted the cookout with several of their friends and, of course, John, Cheryl, Judy, and I.  There were lots of kids and lots of food, but no dawgs or katts.  Katie, Alex, Blue, and Pumpkin stayed home and had their own celebration complete with katt naps, except for Blue who took a dawg nap.  You might say that we had a traditional Memorial Day which is exactly the kind of thing we like to do. 

We’ve had a great time visiting with John and Cheryl and seeing the other cousins as well, but now it’s time to hit the highways once again.  Miss Judy found a new Passport America campground half way between and betwixt here and her sister’s place so we’ll be spending the night there.  This will be the “long pole in the tent” of the trip with two long back to back travel days so I guess we’d better get packing.

Take Care, Be Safe, and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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