Thursday, May 10, 2012

Whadda Day!!!!!

It took us over ten hours to make a seven and a half hour trip.  When it comes to road construction Pennsylvania is in a class all of it’s own.  They don’t just shut down a lane, they shut down a lane and a half!!!  They have a make shift half lane that is uneven and rough as a cob.  It is posted for forty-five, but there’s no way on this green earth that anyone could travel at forty-five on that mess.  People crawl along at about ten miles an hour.  Now combine that with a heavy traffic corridor going from three lanes to a half plus lane and you’ve got yourself a stand still.  It took us the better part of an hour to move four miles.

We stopped at Port Jarvis, New York to fill up with an egg salad sandwich and fuel.  Then it was off again for about eighteen miles on I-84 when we came upon a stand still.  There had been a car/truck accident at mile twenty-six that resulted in a major traffic delay.  It took us over two hours to clear that mess.  Fortunately, no one was killed but it was one heck of a mess.  We didn’t see the car but the truck was totally demolished with it’s load scattered hither and thither.

After that delay we were considering places to stop for the night when Marc called and said they were planning dinner for us.  So trudged on we did arriving at their place at a few minutes after six.  We were safe and our equipment was functioning properly so, other than time delays, it was an uneventful trip. 

Even though we were tired, it was good to see the munchkins again and get our hugs.  It’s surprising how grand kid hugs can rejuvenate an old soul.  We were able to back in off the street on to our nice level RV site right next to Marc and Amie’s house – neat!!  However, we have no cell phone (AT&T) coverage or television reception, but we do have 20 AMP power, Verizon Air Card coverage, and running water (we have to run and get it).  Yep, we’re roughing it, but we’re up off the ground, dry, and warm so who can complain about that.


Today is shopping day.  We get to go to our favorite grocery store of all time – Market Basket.  The prices are comparable to Wally World’s and there’s no sales tax in New Hampshire.  They have fresh produce and an excellent meat/seafood selection.  And, of course, today will spring forth with more grandkid fixes.  Boy are those little rug rats getting big.

Briana is thirteen going on fourteen; “Inconceivable”, she’ll be going to High School this fall.  She’s growing up into a fine young lady.  Lola is five, she let Grampa know that right away.  There’s no treating her like a little kid, she’s five.  And Rocco is “free” (that’s three in Lola speak) and he can make Dennis the Menace look like a angel, but he’s Grampa’s little shadow – ya gotta love it.

So we’re here safe and sound and that’s all the counts.  It’s raining outside again this morning, but it’s all good.  Be sure to hug your grand kids today, and if you don’t have a grand child, be sure to hug a friend, and if you don’t have a friend, be sure to hug your katt, and if you don’t have a katt, be sure to hug your dawg, and if you don’t have a dawg, I guess you lose.  Nah, I’m sure you can find someone to hug, but if not, hug a tree.

Stay High And Dry and May God Bless  - - - - - - - -


  1. Another RVer with a stressful drive day behind them. Glad you landed safely.

  2. Sorry about the "eventful" travel day. But now you guys can relax awhile. If Rocco makes Dennis The Menace look like an angel ... And he is also G'Pa's shadow ... What does that say about G'Pa?

  3. Long, a bit stressful, but no "incidents." Yeah, that still counts as a good travel day. :) Enjoy those grands!

  4. Glad you all arrived safely!!! Enjoy those kids...both the big and little ones!