Monday, May 17, 2010

Enjoying a “Zero Day”

It was a hot and steamy May afternoon in the north Georgia Mountains when he woke up to the heavy pitter pattering on the rubber roof of their little house on the highway.  His bride was dozing lightly at his side and the katt was purring loudly curled up to his back.  Both humaniods in this little traveling caravan were physically exhausted from their jaunt to the bottom of Tallulah Gorge yesterday morning.  Their muscles were crying out from the sudden burst of activity after a long winter of inactivity.  Yep, it was most definitely going to be a “Zero Day”!

We attended the early service at church followed by Sunday School and then made our way home while stopping off at Uncle Wally’s to pick up some ice cream for our Sunday Evening Social Time.  While we were there we, also, picked up a sandwich from Subway for lunch.  With our little bellies full (wish full thinking on my part), we made our way to bed for a nice katt nap.  It was nice to discover that we hadn’t lost any of our katt napping skills.  After dozing for almost an hour we awoke to heavy rains pouring down on the roof.  Ahhh, that’s soooo nice, no reason to go out and do something – it’s raining, so we have to stay inside.

So we turned on the television set and watched some of the  NASCAR race while we played on our computers.  Being a “Zero Day” we don’t have any pictures to share with you today.  But, at least, you now have some idea of what we mean by a “Zero Day” in the RVing lifestyle. 

As for today, we have no plans.  We’ll have to keep an eye on the weather and make up the plans as we go.  Miss Judy has plenty of basket weaving projects to work on and I have a lot of reading to accomplish, so you’ll just have to check in with us again tomorrow to see what we found to occupy our time.  This fulltime RVing retirement lifestyle really keeps the pressure on!!!

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