Friday, May 07, 2010

A Good Report and A Margarita

Jackie got a fairly good report from the doctor yesterday afternoon.  Although she is unable to return to work for the remainder of her pregnancy, she isn’t restricted to complete bed rest.  She will be able to do some light chores (no heavy lifting) around the house as long as she gets plenty of rest in between.  The doctor told her that he didn’t want to see her shopping at Walmart to which Jackie should have told him, “Then don’t go there!”  :-)  (Ya gotta be quick!) 

We were ready to “set up camp” in their yard and become fulltime Domestics but, that won’t be necessary at the time being.  However, we will remain on stand by just in case things change.  We won’t be that far away at Tallulah Gorge State Park in northeast Georgia.

While Judy was taking Jackie to the doctor, I “stood behind” and did some house work.  The coach needed a goooooood vacuuming as well as the daily household chores.  I, also, washed a couple sets of sheets that were left behind from our house guests last week. 

Last night we were on baby sitting duty while Matt took Jackie to her last college class – tomorrow she walks and receives her Bachelor’s Degree.  We are really proud of her; being a full time mom, working a full time job, and completing her college education while being pregnant has required a lot of dedication – way to go Jackie!  A great big congratulations is in order, along with a great big HUG.

Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful day that ended with a margarita – now, just how nice is that?


  1. Way to go Jackie - Congratulations.

    I'll have a martini for you this afternoon.

  2. Hi Darrell
    we stayed last night at Rainbow Plantation (first time) on our way to Florida. Went out for some seafood while it lasts. (Oil in the gulf) we are going to my sisters in Clearwater and to see a shuttle launch May 14. George & Bonnie traveling with Buster.