Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tallulah Falls, Georgia

We lingered a little to enjoy the view out of our window at McKinney Campground.  It was sooooo nice and peaceful watching the sun rise over Allatoona Lake.  It would have been nice to have had our coffee outside but, it was just a little too chilly for that.  We got underway around 10:30 and had another uneventful driving day to Tallulah Falls.

It was only a two and half hour drive, however, it took us longer to set up than usual.  The site is unlevel and squeezed between bushes with the electric hookup toward the front of the coach so it took quite a bit of maneuvering to locate the RV so that it would be level and be able to put out the slides as well as have room to put out the awning.  We had to give up on trying to reach the electric with the 50 amp cord by itself – I had to link it up with our 30 amp cord and use the 30 amp outlet, bummer!!

The site doesn’t have the “It” factor, by any means, but, it will do.  We have fairly nice views of the surrounding mountains and a little peek at Lake Tallulah through the trees.  It’s located within walking distance to the town of Tallulah Falls and a couple of miles from the state park Visitor’s Center.  The Tallulah Grill is just around the corner and we had visions of being able to walk over for breakfast from time to time but, they only serve lunch and dinner – it was good thought though.

  Our Site The View From Our Patio

A pleasant surprise was the number of television stations that we are able to pick up.  We were told that we would be lucky to get one, however, we get CBS, NBC, Fox, and a couple of independent stations.  CBS is piggy backed with RTV while NBC and Fox are piggy backed with weather channels.  Being that we are not television addicts that will be more than enough for us.  Both Verizon and AT&T have very strong signals so we have phone and internet service; all the comforts of home – wait a minute, this is home!!!

We did a little drive about to get the “lay of the land”; there’s not a whole lot around here other than the park itself, not even a bread and milk store.  It’s pretty secluded but, there is a Walmart Supercenter (the fulltimer’s friend) in Clayton, Georgia which is about 10 miles away.  We’ll check that out later today.

Tallulah Gorge Start Park is absolutely beautiful and we’ll have lots of pictures to share with you in the future.  It began raining so we came back home and stayed in for the rest of the day.  It was kind of nice to light a fire in the fireplace, sit back in our recliners, and relax for a change; we even had breakfast for dinner.  Then we watched the NBC evening news followed by “Airwolf” on Retro TV before turning in for the night.

We sure live the rough life out here but, someone has to do it and we are up to the challenge.  Now, it’s time to quit lounging around and get on with the day.  This afternoon we’ll check in with the Park Ranger to get our uniforms (shirt and hat) and our assignments.  So, be sure to check in with us again tomorrow for an update.

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  1. I absolute LOVE you using Blogger! It's great to see pictures and be able to leave comments. So glad you arrived safely.

    BTW, "Airwolf" was one of my favorite shows! :)

    Miss you guys.