Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Tantalizing Tuesday

Wow, yesterday turned into a beautiful day with the sun shining, the temperatures in the low 70’s, and much lower humidity.  This was the kind of day that one expects to experience in Northeastern Georgia.  We began the day with putting one more chore behind us – defrosting the fridge.  Then it was off to Wally World to do our bi-monthly grocery shopping.

It certainly was tempting to take another outing but, Judy wanted to work on her beading and I’m way behind on my reading so we took out the reclining lawn chairs and just spent the afternoon outside.  I must confess, I dozed off right there on the front patio on this beautiful day.

It was Uncle Wally’s supreme pizza for dinner and another evening in our recliner’s with laptops in lap.  Tuesday night is the only night that I have any idea what is on television; that’s because Tuesday night is the night that NCIS is on – we both like that show.  Not totally an exciting day but a relaxing and invigorating one anyhow.

This morning we’ll be assisting West with another school group coming through the park.  The group is a bunch of pre-schoolers; that ought to be fun.  West has some craft type events planned for them and we’re not sure what else.  If the weather holds we may do another outing this afternoon, time will tell.

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