Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Day In The Big City

We drove into the big city to see our son.  Brian lives in Grand Rapids.  He’s our oldest and is handicapped due to a brain aneurysm that he had when he was four.  Brian is able to live independently with slight assistance.  We picked him up and took him shopping.  He always seems to have a list of things he needs whenever we show up, but that’s good because it gives the three of us something to do while visiting with him.

While in their, we made a stop by PetSmart to pick up another couple months of pet supplies.  The katts needed some more food for that “never ending” supply that they think comes out of the closet as well as some more katt litter.  Nothing but the best for our fur kids.

After that, we took Brian out to lunch.  He likes to eat out (wonder where that little quirk came from?) so we landed at Arnie’s which is our favorite watering hole in Grand Rapids.  They have a great combo menu with a half sandwich (which is larger than a whole sandwich that we’d make) and/or a cup of soup and/or a salad – you choose any two.  The dessert is a cup cake. 

Brian and Judy had the smoked turkey/bacon sandwich while I partook in the Reuben.  Judy, being the good girl that she is, had a summer berry salad while Brian had the onion rings and I had the French onion soup.  It was all yummy.

After dropping Brian off we went in search for some fresh asparagus at some of our favorite Amish farm stands.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any, but asparagus is in season and Pat told us where we could get some not more than five miles from home.  We’ll  go get some this afternoon.  This morning I have to finish washing the rig, defrost the refrigerator, and do a serious vacuum job in the house.

Be Good, Be Safe, and May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -

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  1. I'm gonna learn how to make asparagus this season. Yes. I. Am. Finally.