Tuesday, June 05, 2012

der Bauch hat kein Gewissen!

When we were in Frankenmuth the other day it conjured up a hankering for some authentic German cooking.  Memories of our meals at De Lindenbaum in Fredericksburg, Texas passed before my mind’s eye.  Well, Frankenmuth is three hours away, quite a little jaunt for lunch and/or dinner (Linner), so a little Googling resulted in some “authentic” German recipes.

Surprisingly, Jaeger Schnitzel is relatively easy to make so we engaged in that endeavor.  Along with the schnitzel we had some fried ‘taters with green peppers and onions (another German favorite) and a cabbage/kielbasa concoction that we dreamed up made with cabbage, sliced apples, red pepper, onion, sliced up kielbasa, and spices (cinnamon, all spice, cloves, brown sugar, salt, pepper, and vinegar), all boiled to perfection (anything with cabbage and kielbasa in it has to be German). 

Since we ate the neighbors out of house and home Sunday (and being that they were starving to death), we invited them over to help us eat our “authentic” German cooked meal.  It was a meal fit for a German aristocrat, to say the least.  It must have been pretty darned good because it disappeared in a hurry.

Oh, and to answer the question regarding the title; it means, “The Belly Has No Conscience!”  Quite appropriate considering the above circumstances, don’tcha think?

Other than eating and socializing we managed to get some paperwork done with the most important item being the lease renewal for our site at Rainbow Plantation – “the check is in the mail.”  We paid our buck and are now good for another five years of care free living.

Speaking of w*rking, one more hundred dollar item that we’ll need to buy is a new AC Shroud for our forward air conditioner.  The “old” one is disintegrating right before our very eyes.  It began about a year ago when the front began cracking.  I had to add some more screws to hold it in place.  Then when we were at Ray and Pat’s last summer we noticed a hole in the side of it which we repaired with some rubber roof tape.  The hail that we had in Mt. Airy punched another hole in the top of it and now it is just plain falling apart on the right back corner.  Ninety-nine-fifty at Amazon.com, need I say more!

Last evening we donned our PJ’s, planted our behinds in our recliners, and spent some more time catching up on our West Wing series.  Then we turned on our mattress pad and tested our bed – it worked just fine.

May God Bless  - - - - - - - - -


  1. It all sounds quite yummy! I'll bet it was right up there with der Lindenbaum standards!

  2. sounds delicious..we love Schnitzel....one of our fav weekend breakfast items...we also had to replace a shroud this winter on our back a/c ..Rick had an altercation with a tree...