Friday, July 09, 2010

Eastern Time Zone

Thumper the Katt and Smiley Face the Clock both thought it was time to get up but, my body said, “No Freakin Way!!!”   It’s that darned Eastern Time Zone thang, we changed time zones yesterday morning as we made our way to Raccoon Valley. 

Things are all screwed up in the Eastern Time Zone.  It’s still dark in the morning when your katt wakes you up and you lay in bed debating whether to get up or roll over and go back to sleep.  It’s still light when your jammies start calling and your body begins curling up into the prenatal position with your thumb heading for your mouth. 

Television programming is all out of sync as well.  Your favorite “prime time” television shows come on later turning you into a night owl.  “Be sure to tune in tonight at ten o’clock eastern time, nine central.”  “Oh good, let’s watch it on central time!!!” 

To paraphrase Tina Turner, “What’s time got to do, got to do with it?  What’s time but a minute hand movement!”  We’re fulltime RVers and for all intent and purposes there is no such thing as time, it’s just a figment of our imagination.  Time is a relative thing:  “Is it time to get up?”  “I don’t know, are you rested?”  “Is it time to eat?”  “I don’t know, are you hungry?”  “Is it time to go to bed?”  “I don’t know, are you tired?”  Therefore, again, “What’s time got to do with it?” 

So, Mr. Smiley Face clock, you can just keep doing your thang and we’ll continue doing ours.  Which means, I ain’t getting up, even Mr. Sunshine sleeps in in the Eastern Time Zone. 

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