Saturday, July 03, 2010

Radek Is Home - Yay

Yay, Radek arrived home around 7:30 last night; talk about two excited little girls.  Kalina went running toward dad as he walked in carrying Radek in a car seat.  She excitedly kept saying, “Baby, Baby!”  Until then we didn’t think that she fully understood that Radek was the baby and not her mommy’s belly.  At the hospital she just seemed nonchalant about the baby but, that certainly changed quickly.

Catia couldn’t wait to get her hands on her baby brother.  She’s been impatiently awaiting his arrival home.  Remember her lament, “He’s never coming home!”  Catia is our little drama queen.  Well that’s all in the past now, Radek came home.  Poor kid, he has two older sisters so he doesn’t stand a chance.

With Radek’s arrival home, things will start getting back to normal for us.  Today is going to be a “Nuttin’ Honey” day.  That’s right, we’re going to sit in our recliners and stare out the window all day wondering what just happened over the past month?  One day just blended into another and it’s all just a blur now.

Well, that’s a lie!!  We just decided to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast so that means we’ll be getting out of our recliners after all.  Also, I forgot that it’s Saturday and on Saturday evening we go to worship at World Outreach Church, so we’re definitely going to be out and about.  Plus, with all of the “goings on” over the past week, we didn’t get to celebrate Kalina’s second birthday which was on the 1st which means that we have to do a little shopping.  Oh well, in any event, things are starting to return to normal.

Here are some pictures taken over the past several days.  We were negligent in getting any pictures of mom but we can tell you that she was smiling as she watched her family bonding together.

Dad And His Kids A Proud Big SisterRadek James Patterson Our Southern Grand Children Radek, Catia, Matt, Kalina He's A Keeper!!!

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  1. Such a beautiful family. Love those cheeks on Radek!