Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Visit

“Well,” here’s a quiz for ya!!  Who would you think of when I say, “Born on a mountain top in Tennessee”?  If you are thinking that Crockett fella, you’d be wrong this time.  Wanna try again?  Here’s a little hint: 

Way back in the year of aught six, Miss Judy and I made the acquaintance of a fine young lass from the Evergreen State.  Now, mind you, we were sitting on the sunshiny shores down in the southland while she was freezing her assets off up in the snow covered mountains of the northwest, so it was one of those Ee-Lec-Tronic introductions, as it were.  Since that time forward we have kept in touch one way or the other via blogs, email, Facebook, etc.. 

What an age we live in – we can have virtual friends all over the world without even leaving the comfort of our own recliners.  No washing your face, no fussing with your hair, and no getting all fancied up; heck, you can even visit in your underwear if you wanna (just don’t be using Skype now!).

Anyway, since then this fine lady has found her way back east to the place of her roots, which is Mountain City in the great Volunteer State, where she found herself a beau and turned him into a husband.  Some of ya now know who I’m talking about while the rest of you still don’t have a clue.

Well, without any further adieu, let me tell you who ‘tis.  It’s Jenny J (now Jenny M) from the Eleven Foot RV fame.  Having been brought into existence in Mountain City, Tennessee more than qualifies her for “being born on a mountain top”. 

Anywhoo, Yesterday Jenny and her husband Don stopped by for a visit; after all, that’s the reason that we’re in Bluff City in the first place.  It was wonderful to finally get to meet face to face.  You may have to wash your face, comb your hair, and put on some duds but, meeting face to face is far better than virtual friendships any day of the week.

Jenny and Don Manuel

They came baring gifts; some fresh veggies right out of their garden.  We started with a great visit, then et some vitals, and then visited some more.  Time passed way too quickly but, we look forward to stopping by East Tennessee again and staying just a tad bit longer next time.   Johnson County and the Blue Ridge Mountains certainly make Tennessee one of the “greenest state(s) in the land of the free” and worthy of more than a two day visit.  Plus we’ll get to spend more time with Don and Jenny right in their own natural habitat.

   Judy and Jenny Darrell and Jenny

Thanks for the visit Don and Jenny, we really enjoyed getting together with y’all and look forward to doing it again real soon.  And thanks for the veggies, we love fresh veggies and you just can’t get any fresher than right straight from the garden.  We’re especially looking forward to trying those scallop squash.

“That’s it for today!”