Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Short Travel Day

Our mission here is complete so it’s time to say farewell to Raccoon Valley RV Park.  We spent a day at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory plus the truck and the coach (except above the slides – is that like “washing behind the ears”) have had their bath.  Once the slides go in this morning, I will finish washing above them. 

Besides readying the coach for travel, yesterday afternoon we spent a little time grooming the katts.  Katie isn’t your typical girl; she doesn’t like to get her nails clipped or her hair brushed.  She will squirm, scream, and hiss, you’d think that we were torturing the poor katt, however, she wasn’t too bad about getting her nails clipped this time which made the job a whole lot easier.

Alex, on the other hand, loves to be brushed and will purr, nudge, and roll over while we bush him.  He tolerates having his nails clipped but does let us know of his displeasure with a meow here and there.  Don’t even think of bathing either of these creatures, they’re definitely not water katts.

It’s only about 120 miles to Bluff City, Tennessee where we’ll be staying at a Passport America park, so it should be an easy non-eventful travel day with the emphasis on “should”.  We’ll spend three nights there so we can meet up with Jenny and do a little sightseeing in the area.  Does “Born on a mountain top in Tennessee” ring a bell?  So, we’ll see ya tomorrow from East Tennessee.

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