Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life In The Valley

We are finally beginning to feel rested, not that we worked all that hard taking care of our cute little munchkin grand daughters.  It was just a busy time with us being on the go everyday.  Yesterday was another one of those days where we didn’t even get inside the truck (hope that darn thing doesn’t decide to get sick again like last time we gave it a day off).

Raccoon Valley RV Park has now completed its renovation which upgraded all the sites to 50 amps, added a few new sites, and refurbished the clubhouse.  Things don’t look all that much different from the last time that we were here; this is our third visit to Raccoon Valley and we really like this park.

Raccoon Valley Clubhouse Entering The Park Our Street The Swimming Hole Along The Back End Of The Park

Yesterday was a “work around the house” day with us doing our routine chores and crossing a couple of things off the old “Ta Do” List.  Then we sat outside in our recliners and read for a while before heading over to the pool for a dip.  Last night was ‘puters and television; not an exciting day but, slow paced none the less.

We are becoming sissy-la-la’s; this warm weather isn’t bothering us as much as it used to.  Some of the locals are whining about the heat but, to be honest with you, it seems nice on our old arthritic bones.  You just have to move slower and not over do it and keep putting the old water to yourself. 

Having said that, I haven’t tried doing any work outside but tomorrow morning I will by starting to washing vehicles – work a bit, rest a lot, work a bit, drink water, rest a lot, work a bit, etc. etc..  Hopefully, by week’s end I will have the rig and the truck washed.  By then I’ll probably join the locals in whining about the heat.

Until tomorrow. . . .


  1. Get yourself rested up and that truck have lots to show us in Maine. Can't wait.