Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Day In Paradise

We visited our son Brian in Grand Rapids yesterday and took him out to brunch at the RVers favorite restaurant – Cracker Barrel. 

On our way home we stopped at Menard’s to pick up some stainless steel sheet metal screws to reattach the fender skirts to the rig; they have been painted and are already for re-installation.  Also, we stopped by Sears to pick up the new air compressor that we ordered to replace that one I burned out last week.  That leaves us with just a couple more items to strike off the “Ol’ Ta” List while we are here at Ray and Pat’s.

On our way home we received a call from Terry informing us that their plans are changing.  We were planning to travel to San Antonio with them in January, but, due to circumstances beyond their control, they are going to have to cancel that trip.  So, I think that we will just hunker down at Rainbow Plantation and save our coin for next summer’s travels.  We are still planning on a Texas trip in the spring with Norm and Linda.

In yesterday’s blog Katie mentioned that Miss Kitty hadn’t been over to say, “Hi” to them.  Well, she came over for a visit yesterday afternoon and Katie snubbed her.  Alex, on the other hand, had a “sit off” (not a stand off) with her.  Alex sat and stared out of the door while Miss Kitty sat under the lawn chair and stared back.  That lasted about a half hour before Miss Kitty decided that she had better things to do.

The Sit-Off

Ray and Pat were planning to leave on a long weekend trip, however, their refrigerator in the rig is acting up so they are letting it recycle over night in hopes of departing today.  We’ll learn the verdict later today.  Should they decide to stay home then they will have to suffer through the weekend with us by playing cards, relaxing, and sharing a meal.  Rough life, that’s for sure. 

So, what’s on the agenda for today?  Thunderstorms!!!  They (in this case the “they” are the weather dudes) are predicting storms beginning around 10:00 this morning continuing into the evening.  We have some indoor chores to attend to so this won’t be a problem for us; at least I don’t think it will, it all depends on how severe the weather turns out to be.

So, there you have it.  Another quiet, peaceful, relaxing day in Paradise.  Where ever you may be, we hope you are safe and sound and enjoying life.  Take care until tomorrow.

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