Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A New Home In Elkhart

We eased out of Shiawassee County Fairgrounds just before nine o’clock.  If you remember right, we were all hooked up and ready to roll from the day before.  All we had to do is go through the check list, pull in the slides, unhook the power, and head out, so we took our time having our coffee and chatting with a few neighbors.

It took a little over three hours to make the trip using the “red roads” through southern Michigan and into Indiana.  Judy bumped into Lynette while checking in at the Elkhart Campground and she mentioned that site 307 was open in their row.  So we are parked right next to Kevin and Arlene along with Mark and Dortha, Jim and Ellie, Mac and Lynette, and Keith and Donna with Jim and Dee parked in the row right directly behind all of us.

Once we “set-up” camp, we began taking care of business.  Judy working with the Michigan court system and Hope Network in scheduling our son’s upcoming guardianship hearing.  I was working with Forest River to get the replacement parts for the damage done by the blow out.  The latter required a trip to Topeka, Indiana (the Cedar Creek plant) to pick up the parts.

We returned in time for the “Happy Hour” and then went out to the Chubby Trout for dinner with Mark, Dortha, Jim, and Ellie.  Later, Phil and Cindy dropped by for a short visit.

Today we’re into having some fun so be sure to tune in again tomorrow, there will be some pictures – I promise.

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  1. Excellent! Have fun and post pictures when you can! =)