Thursday, September 09, 2010

Experiencing Northern Indiana

It all started in 1922 when six pigs, seven cows, and several head of young cattle were sold at an auction.  From that start, Shipshewana, Indiana has become one of the most popular tourist actions in the Midwest.  It is know as the Shipshewana Flea Market with over 900 vendors serving thousands of visitors on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Over and above the Flea Market is Yoder's Shopping Center, the Davis Mercantile, and dozens of cute little shops in downtown Shipshewana.

With yesterday being a Wednesday, Miss Judy and I made our way over to the Flea Market.  We began by dropping in on Norm and Linda who were boondocking behind the Flea Market.  Then we wandered up and down the many “streets” as well as making a pass through the Auctioneering Barn.  We managed to pick up a new set of sheets and a cell phone pouch.

Shipshewana Flea Market Flea MarketFlea Market Auctioneer Doing His Thing

We stopped at Yoder’s Shopping Center where they had a huge section dedicated to fabrics. 

Yoder's Shopping Center Entering Yoder'sThe Department Store Tons of Fabric

Then we headed for downtown where Judy visited the Bead Shop to pick up a few more basket weaving supplies.  Next we walked through the Davis Mercantile which is a big old building housing a dozen or so shops on four floors.

Downtown Shipshewana Davis MercantileInside The Merchantile Inside the MercantileMerry-Go-'Round Inside The Mercantile Neat Statue In The Mercantile

Last night we were invited, along with 14 of our friends, to Levi and Esther Miller’s house for a wonderful home cooked Amish meal.  We haven’t eaten food like this in a long, long time.  It’s going to make eating out seem trivial – it was “Oh so good!”  The meal began with a homemade coleslaw, the likes of which we have never had, and homemade bread with real “buddah” – ummm, ummm, ummm!

Levi and Ester Yoder's Home Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

The main course began with mashed potatoes, dressing (absolutely heavenly), gravy, green beans, pot roast, and more bread.  We passed dishes just like at a large family dinner; right John Boy?  And, as if that wasn’t enough, they came back with seconds (my goodness, we won’t need to eat again for a week).

Dessert was a choice of various homemade pies served with ice cream topped with chocolate.  I had the raspberry and Judy had the chocolate, both were to die for.  Oh my gosh, we were soooooo full!  I thought that they’d need a wheelbarrow just to get us out of the house. 

Here are some pictures around their immaculately manicured home.  The lawns, the gardens, and the buildings (inside and out) are impeccable.

Behind The House DSCF3279In Front Of The House Looking Toward The Street

Levi and Esther have been married for three years, both having been widowed.  Esther has been serving dinners for over twenty years.  They serve three or four dinners a week.  Their day starts real early because everything is made fresh that day.  Chicken has to be cut and prepared, potatoes have to be peeled, bread has to be made, pies have to be made, etc., etc..  It’s amazing to think that these two people do all the work, serve the meal, and are gracious hosts to top it all off.  No pictures were taken of Levi and Esther out of respect for the Amish traditions.

After the meal we went to Levi’s barn where the wagons are kept.  All I can say is amazing, the floor and the walls of that barn just shined as did the wagons.  Levi engaged us in a neat story about a fishing trip that he had taken after his first wife passed.  He caught the largest fish on the excursion, a huge tuna, his rendition was quite entertaining.

Inside The Barn Molly and Donna in the Buggy

It was a great finish to a great day and we thank Levi and Esther for being just wonderful hosts.

Today we are planning another outing and then will start getting ready for the up coming week at the Escapade.  We want to prepare some meals ahead of time to help minimize the water usage.  There will be more pictures again tomorrow so be sure to check in with us.

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  1. That place was so immaculate that it makes me feel guilty. I guess if you don't watch tv you have more time to cook and clean. Thanks for sharing.