Friday, September 10, 2010

RV/MH Hall Of Fame

As we stated in yesterday’s entry, we were going on another outing.  This time we went to the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum & Library which turned out to be just down the road from the campground.

The RV/MH Heritage Foundation was formed on March 22, 1972 and in early 2007 a 56,000 building was dedicated to house the RV/MH Hall of Fame, a Museum of vintage units dating from 1913 into the 1970s, a Go RVing Hall, an Exhibitors Hall, and the world’s largest Library of recreation vehicles and manufactured housing literature.

RV/MH Hall Of Fame Museum & Library

We followed the highway around the Museum checking out the RVs from days gone by.  Miss Judy can never pass up and opportunity to photograph a stuffed animal.  This bear is a pretty good sized one who is on his way to a campground where he can get his paws on a picnic basket.

Meandering Down The Highway I Just Can't Bear It!

This is a 1913 Covered Wagon, one of the earliest manufacturers of travel trailers, and it actually resembles an old covered wagon.  If you are in the market for a pop up there were several to choose from, here’s a real corker.

1913 Covered Wagon Early Version of the Pop-up

After peeking into a few of these vintage RVs, we decided we were due for a makeover.  Here is a couple of interior upgrades to choose from.

Option Number 1 Or Option Number 2

There is a model exhibit of the manufacturing process for building travel trailers and fifthwheels as well as a photo op along the highway – who’s that getting into the honey jar?

Manufacturing Plant Model Who Dat Dhere?

We continued to follow the highway around the bend where we found one of my favorite motorhomes of all times; the mid 1970’s GMCs.  They are classics and I start drooling every time I see one.

Displays Along The Museum Highway 1974 GMC

Here are a couple more vintage RVs.

Early Home Built Travel Trailer A Later Model Covered Wagon

Don’t get the idea that everything was rustic and primitive back in the “old days”.  Here’s a 1929 Pierce Arrow and Mae West’s 1931 House Car.  This was pretty “high end” stuff back in the day.

Pierce Arrow "Why Don'tcha Come Up And See Me Sometime, Big Boy!"

Well, there you have it.  Another day in the life of the Wandering fulltimers.  Today will be another travel day; less than twenty miles this time.  We’ll be moving to the Elkhart County 4-H Fairground where we’ll be attending the 50th Escapees Club Escapade.  There will be a huge pot luck dinner tomorrow evening, but other than that, we’re not really sure what all will be taking place.  Plenty of socializing (fun, food, and friends) to be sure.

In the meantime, have a Happy Rainbow Day!!


  1. Looks very interesting. You guys make really cute bears!!

    Stay Safe

  2. I agree with you about those old GMCs. They are to the RV world what 57 Chevys are to the auto world.

  3. okay- That looks like a ton of fun. How neat to see the insides of those oldies... I'd like to have gone to see this.. I think next summer, instead of B, you take me on your adventures.