Monday, September 06, 2010

An Outing To Owosso

We departed the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds in another caravan heading for Owosso, Michigan where we would visit the Curwood Castle Park, Shiawassee Arts Center. and the Curwood Castle Museum.

Again, Judy and I rode with Norm and Linda.  Upon our arrival, we took a stroll around the Park and crossed the suspension walking bridge to the other side of the Shiawassee River.

Suspension Bridge Across the Shiawassee River

Elias Comstock was the first pioneer to erect a permanent residence in Owosso in 1836.  Even though the cabin has been moved three times the original logs still remain intact.

Original Comstock Cabin

After walking about the grounds, we visited the Shiawassee Arts Center.  There was some very beautiful art on display, however, there was some art that I will just never understand with one of those paintings priced at $11,000.  I think my mother threw out one of my waterpaintings, that I did in the first grade, that was every bit as good as that one.  I’d better go get my waterpainting “stuff” back from Amie and get busy.

Shiawassee Arts Center

James Oliver Curwood, a popular nature author during the 1920’s, was born in Owosso, Michigan in 1878 and lived there most of his life.  In 1922 he built himself a castle along the banks of the Shiawasse River that was used as his writing studio.  A number of his later works were composed in the largest tower at the castle.  

Curwood CastleCurwood CastleCurwood Castle

While we were there, storyteller Lois passed on some Native American Folklore.  She was a very entertaining storyteller incorporating songs, chants, and drums into her story.

Storyteller Lois

We returned to the Fairgrounds in time for the final four o’clock social hour where several of us told a few stories of our own.  We’ve had a nice low keyed rally with good food, fellowship, and friends.

Four O'clock Social Hour

To finish off the day, Norm, Linda, Judy, and I, being the responsible adults that we are, headed to Bob Evans for dessert and coffee rather than a real meal.  Judy had the peach cobbler while the rest of us enjoyed a blackberry cobbler – a la mode, of course!!

This morning we’ll rap up the Chapter 6 Rally with a farewell breakfast.  Half of the group will be departing today, but the other half, us included, are going to stay over one more night and depart tomorrow.  We plan to clean house, pack things away, dump tanks, and spend some time visiting.

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