Thursday, September 16, 2010

Taking It Easy

We held to our convictions of taking it easy and not eating out.  It was tough, especially the not going out to dinner part, but we held steadfast. 

We went out for a stroll about the fairgrounds yesterday morning mainly to socialize and socialize we did.  However, we did succumb to a jelly doughnut for breakfast at the Hospitality Center, but spent rest of the morning chit chatting with friends as we walked about.

Heritage Park In The Daylight Heritage Park

After lunch I finished airing up all the tires on the rig and the truck while Judy went to the craft sale – she didn’t buy anything, whew!!  When Judy returned, we headed over to the Community Center for the Featured Speakers; Joe and Kay Peterson, Founders of the Escapees RV Club, who entertained us with a funny skit.

Joe Peterson Kay Peterson

Then we did some more socializing until the 4:30 Happy Hour and Door Prizes (walked away empty handed again – shucks!).  The skits were a real stitch.  First Inspector Gadget demonstrated a couple of new RV Gadgets; obviously they didn’t work.  Next Q. T. Dumpster cleaned up the mess left by Inspector Gadget.

Inspector Gadget Q. T. Dumpster

Then Dr. Phil Goode, who has his doctorate in sex, gave us a philosophical talk expounding on his great knowledge of the subject.  “Ladies and Gentlemen.  It gives me great pleasure!”  Then he left the stage.  Finally, a funny song to the tune of “Roll Out the Barrel” entitled “I Love Beer”.

Dr. Phil Goode "I Love Beer"

After dinner we went over to Ray and Pat’s where we met a new couple, Lloyd and Delores, and played Mexican Train.  Lloyd and I hit it off because of our love for aviation, he has a Cessna 182 that he is selling (why wasn’t I born a little richer and not quite so handsome?)  It was a relaxing and fun evening and I won at dominoes.

Today is the last day of the 50th Escapees RV Club Escapade here at the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds in Goshen, Indiana.  So check in again tomorrow for the wrap up.  Until then, keep a song in your heart!

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