Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pre-Escapade Stuff

It was a rainy damp day and Judy managed to catch a virus, but that wasn’t the kind of virus that she caught.  She went on her ‘puter the first thing in the morning and everything was fine.  When she went back to log on later, about mid morning, she got a “Windows Security Alert” telling her that her wualt.exe file was infected and asking if she wanted to activate her security program which lead to a website that offers to sell a security program. 

That was the only thing that she could get to run on her computer, either on line or off line.  Later, her AVG security program came on with a message asking if she wanted to block the virus to which we answered yes; that only took us back to the offer to sell us security software.  Norm suggested that we shut down, unplug the computer, take the battery out, wait a little while, and then plug it back in and reboot up the computer – that didn’t work. 

So, in a conversation with our son, he told us that he had had the same problem and that you have to “beat” the offending program’s start up by starting our “system restore” program first.  I was able to get the system restore program up and running before the “culprit” program was able to “start up”.  Then by selecting an earlier date and running the system restore it wiped out the “infecting virus program”.  Phew!!  We feel like we dodged a bullet with that one.  My gal’s happy once again; you’d better not take away her computer or her chocolate!

Happiness is . . . . .

At three o’clock the Indoor Market opened its doors so we toddled on over in the rain to view all the wares being displayed.  We passed by the flags with the America Flag flying at half mast in remembrance of 9-11. 

Half Mast In Honor Of 9-11

Judy had hoped to get an Escapade hooded sweatshirt and I was looking for a tee shirt.  Would you believe that they only brought polo shirts and hats?  Unbelievable!!  At least they saved us some money.  There was nothing else at the Market that said, “Take me home” so we shuffled on home empty handed.

Indoor Market

The Rabbit Shed Impromptu Social Hour (we are parked behind the Poultry Barn and the Rabbit Shed) began promptly at 4:30 with wine (or whatever you wanted to bring) while sitting around a nice campfire.  That kept us entertained for a little over an hour before the dampness of the evening drove us inside. 

Someone Wanna Get Up And Toss Another Log On That Fire?

With the cool damp evening weather outside, football on TV, and a fire in the fireplace; all I can say is, “It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn”.

Even Alex Enjoys Soaking Up The Heat From The Fireplace

Today Miss Judy will be up and out early in order to get signed up for her crafts.  There are limited number of seats in each class so she has gotten the word that if you want to do a craft be there at eight o’clock sharp to sign up.  The Escapade officially kicks off at 2:00 PM, but there will be plenty of socializing to be done before then.  See ya tomorrow.

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