Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Busy Day Planned

“If I had some ham, I’d have some ham and eggs, if I had some eggs.”  Well, guess what?  I do have some ham and I do have some eggs and, further, I have some cheddar cheese and I have some English muffins.  How does a nice ham, cheese, and egg sandwich sound?  It’s either that or a bowl of cereal – we’ll see as the day progresses on.

Today I plan to button up the desk modification project.  The hold up has been applying the polyurethane on the trim pieces.  I wanted at least four coats of “poly” on each piece so that was a two day process.  The desk will not look a bit different from the outside, but it will be waaaay more functional on the inside.

Judy J. is heading out with a whole herd of other women rampaging and pillaging every fabric store in their path from here to Pensacola.  Lord have mercy!!!  They’ll, also, light at some eatery along the way to boost their energy levels.  I’m sure that they will all return home content and smiling by day’s end.

Larry the cook is planning to set fire to some wood later today so we can burn some wieners on a stick for our dinner – fine dining is still an art.  What goes best with a wiener?  White wine or red wine?  Most likely a bottle of beer!!!  But, I prefer wine.  Looks as if it’s going to be a great day for that kind of activity – got any clams or lobster?  Then we’d have a real cookout!!

Well, it’s “time to get a wiggle on!” so Take Care Until Next Time - - - - -       


  1. Looking forward to some pictures of the desk modification. Sounds really good!

    Remember: with ham and eggs, the chicken contributes, but the pig is committed!

    Hope the wieners burn up nice and brown for ya!

  2. Herd.... ya might feel their wrath if they read your take on their 'Shop Hop'!