Saturday, March 26, 2011

We Got ‘R Done

We did it!!!!  The storage shed is organized.  Judy headed over to Beading Group and I started pulling “stuff” out of the shed.  I put it into several different piles - “stuff” that needed to go back into the shed , “stuff” that needed to go into the RV, “stuff” that needed to go into the truck, “stuff” that needed to go to the dumpster, and “stuff” that needed to be sorted.

We keep the bikes, bike rack, bike cover, and helmets/back pack that we use while riding in the shed while here at Rainbow Plantation (Judy wants to know what we’re doing riding our bikes in the shed, but I think you get the gist) – that “stuff” will go back into the RV.  Also, the charcoal grill went back to the RV shed (front compartment).  All the katt’s travel “stuff” is kept in the shed while here – it will have to go back into the truck before we leave.

Once Judy returned she started the sorting process which resulted in another pile - “stuff” for the donation table at the clubhouse.  Then she helped me build another shelf in the storage shed to be used to store yard “stuff” and maintenance “stuff” for when we are on our site.  Next we organized everything and put it in its place in the storage shed.  All in all, it only took us 4 to 5 hours to get the job done and crossed off the Ol’ Ta Do List.

While we were working at the storage shed project, Randy and Terry stopped by to wish Judy a Happy Birthday.  Terry has caught up on her sleep and was in rare form.  She sang her birthday wishes to Judy.  Laughter and levity followed.  It’s always a pleasurable experience whenever the four of us get together.  Especially when Judy and Terry go into laughing fits.

Being that it was Judy’s birthday, I became the master chef and prepared one heck of a meal.  The pork scallopini was absolutely delicious, we served it over whole grain spaghetti – umm, umm good.  Judy did make the frozen margarita’s and her own blueberry cheese cake for dessert – they were “oh so good”.  As an unusual event, I did up the dishes after cooking and again after dinner.  Hope you had a happy natal day, dear. 

Friday night television stinks, so we picked up our Nooks, headed for our recliners, and buried our noses in a book for the rest of the evening.  Our jammies were calling us real early so we slipped them on before we began reading.  Aaah, how comfy!!  A nice ending to a nice day.

TTFN (ta ta for now).

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