Thursday, March 03, 2011

It’s Curtains For You

Or, in this case, Shades.  Let me start off today by answering a couple of questions about restringing Day/Night shades.  First of all, you can get instructions and diagrams for restringing all types of shades by Clicking Here.  Next, you can get the cord at JoAnn Fabrics in the drapery section – it’s 1.8mm white cord which is a little heavier than what the Day/Night shade manufacturers use.  It will take a “little doing” the first time through, but after a couple of shades you’ll be a pro.

Yesterday morning I went with Randy while he dropped his truck off for repairs.  They got hit by a deer in Florida on their way back to Rainbow Plantation in January.  It has taken all this time to round up the parts and get insurance company approval for the repairs.  Their truck has a “conversion” bed with custom parts which makes it a chore for a body repair shop to find the required parts.

After I returned home, Miss Judy went off to her Ladies Bible Study Group while I finished cleaning up the house, took Alex outside for some sun, and did a little reading.

Maggie kept falling off the windshield!!  Maggie is our GPS unit (short for Naggie Maggie - “Off Route, Recalculating”) and has a suction cup cradle that is supposed to “stick” to the windshield.  The operative word here is “supposed to”.  As you can guess from the first sentence in this paragraph, the suction cup doesn’t stay in place like it’s “supposed to”. 

So, Mikee had given me some double backed adhesive “stuff” to mount Maggie to the dash.  Yesterday I put that little task behind me and now Maggie can “recalculate” until her little heart is content.  Being stuck to the dash rather than the windshield, she is much easier to read for both me and the Navigator.  One more item off the Ol’ Ta Do List.

Yesterday afternoon there was a farewell get together for people who are leaving East Traveler Street.  Bob and Pam are buying a home at the Plantation as are Stan and Denise.  Bill and Kathy bought a home in Wisconsin last summer.  It was a nice gathering with all the East Traveler Street neighbors attending and more than enough food to feed a small army.  The neat thing is that even though these people are moving from East Traveler Street, we’ll still get to continue seeing them in the future.

Last night we attended our 242 Home Group.  We always look forward to getting together with this group of people where we share a dinner together and spend some time discussing a Christian topic.  For the next few weeks we’ll be working our way through “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. 

I’ve read ahead in the book and Judy asked me if it gets better to which I replied, “No!”.  She asked why I felt that way and I answered, “Because I was content the way I was!”  To which she asked what does the book say?  My response was, “That I have to change!” 

This book will definitely challenge your thinking and necessitate changes in your life.  And we say, “Yes we can, yes we can!”  All I can say is don’t pick this book up if you are comfortable the way you are and don’t want to change your daily life.  Although, ignorance is no excuse when you stand before the Judge.

May God Bless Until Next Time - - - - - -

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  1. We have a sandbag type mount that we use for our Garmin. It is a great device - no suction cups required. We found ours at Staples but in checking online I didn't see it listed. I did find one here:
    That will at least show you what it looks like. It's great because you can pick it up to re-program or just get a closer look then just plop it back on the dash and it stays in place.