Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Rainy Day

“I love a rainy day, I love a rainy day, I love to hear the thunder, watch the lightning when it lights up the sky!”  This could very well be a PJ kinda day.  It began raining (thunder and lightning) during the night and continues on this morning.  We need the rain so that the green “stuff” can have a nice drink of water and to beat back the pollen levels.  Besides, it’s nice to enjoy a rainy day listening to the pitter patter on the roof while sitting back with a fire in the fireplace and a good book in hand.

We’ve finished going through the file drawers and shredding old paperwork so now the coach has been totally cleaned out.  We probably took a hundred pounds of “stuff” out of the rig.  As y’all know, it’s all about weight management when you live this kind of lifestyle.

Tomorrow I will begin washing and waxing the RV and truck and next week I will do all the maintenance items on the truck (oil, filters, air pressures, etc.) and put all the yard “stuff” into the storage shed.  That will wrap up another season at Rainbow Plantation and leave us ready to roll a week from Friday. 

Let me tell you about my grand children, again.  Pictured from oldest to youngest.

Briana, Catia, Lola, Kalina, Rocco, Radek

Briana, Catia, Lola, Kalina, Rocco, and Radek

Take Care Until Next Time - - - - - -


  1. What adorable grandkids...aren't they such a blessing? However, you can keep the rain...I'm sick of it here in Oregon. Don't work too hard.

  2. Beautiful grandkids... We sure are missing ours.