Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Hundred And One English Setters

“Raindrops on my roof make me sleepy!”  We awoke to claps of thunder and pitter pattering on the roof this morning.  I just pulled the sheet up to my chinney chin chin, rolled over, and commenced snoring once more.  Both Judy and I slept in an extra half hour this morning.

The past two days have been overcast and damp, but today is threatening more rain.  Yesterday felt like a fish chowdah kinda day so that’s exactly what we had for last night’s dinnah – a George Patterson Signature Fish Chowdah.  My brother whipped up a nice home made apple pie for dessert.  Someday, my brother and I’ll make someone real fine wives.

The four of us visited the Farmer’s Market which is held in a parking lot down on the waterfront.  Being that gardens are just beginning to spring up here in Maine, there wasn’t a whole lot of produce available.  But we did buy some goat cheese; Shauna bought a grilling cheese and I bought an aged goat cheese.

Judy has been wanting a new denim shirt so we stopped by Reny’s Department Store (we refer to it as The House of René).  Yes, they have no shirts (denim that is), however, Judy, being the astute shopper that she is, managed to leave with a few Christmas gifts – clever woman, remarkable girl!!

Then it was a stop by Hannafords to acquire the necessities for making the said fish chowdah as well as a few other odds and ends, here and there.  Once we put our wares away, we joined Mike and Shauna for some BLTs after which we hunkered down for some reading time.  Some of us took katt naps, but I won’t mentioned any names (‘tweren’t me though).

Steve, my cousin Diane’s husband, stopped over to tell us that the puppies were playing outside.  Steve and Diane live across the street from Mike and Shauna.  They have two English Setters, Pip and Emma, who just had a litter of six puppies (a few shy of a hundred and one, but it got your attention). 

Here is Judy holding one of the puppies – he almost came home with us, but Katie and Alex vetoed the idea. 


Steve has managed to get his hands on another one of the little rascals.  They’re quick, ya know!


Here’s yours truly holding one of the little dears.  They sure are wiggly little things, but do love human interaction.


Getting puppies to pose is worse than trying to march katts in a parade.  They’re just like jello, moving all the time.  Here are three in the Whine Cellar (they’d rather be outside with the humaniods so they’re whinning).


The puppies are six weeks old and will be ready for new homes in two more weeks.  You can have one if you’re ready to part with $1,200 – that’s dawg gone expensive.  None of us had the foresight to take a picture of mom and dad.  They’re beautiful dawgs as well.

So, thar ya have it.  The state of the union from Belfast.  I have a feeling not a whole lot will get accomplished today as long as it keeps raining.  We’ll just have to play inside – break out the old Monopoly game, Mike.  The game maybe missing a few pieces, but so are the participants.

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -  

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