Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Gunkholing–Part I

We went and did it!!  We knew the day was coming and that it had to be done.  So finally, we took the plunge and upgraded our tow vehicle.  Yep, we made a good trade on an International truck and even got a free can of sardines to boot.  This baby has a standard transmission with four on the floor (and a fifth under the seat).  It will go from zero to sixty in two and a half hours (that’s going down a very steep hill with a stiff breeze behind it).  The only problem with it is that, I think, it may need a new set of injectors.  Here she is, a real crème puff!!!


Alrighty then, as the title of today’s entry implies, the four of us (Mike, Shauna, Judy, and I) spent the entire day gunkholing.  We left at 9:00 AM and didn’t return home until after seven.  Departing from the house, we took all the back roads with a destination of Pemaquid Harbor for a lobstah roll.  However, we made many a stop along the way and have bundles of photographs to share with you.

Being that today is going to be a rainy day and the four of us are planning to just hunker down, and play inside for the day, we’ve decided to share half the pictures with you in today’s entry and the other half in tomorrow’s.  Be sure to put you cursor over each photo to garner just a tad bit more information and enjoy the journey.

Our first stop was at Round Pond, Maine.  Round Pond is actually a cove on Muscongus Bay which has a narrow inlet making it appear to be an inland pond.  It is home to several lobster businesses which provided us with plenty of photo ops as you can see below.














After poking around the waterfront for about an hour, we made our way into town (or village) of Round Pond.  Here’s a neat two room house (one down, one up) located right in the center of town.


The Little Brown Church is used for performing arts, etc..  It has been restored and is in exceptionally great shape.


Judy loves her flowers and snapped this relaxing setting right in the midst of town.


Taking a short ride down the east side of round pond brought us to a dead end with cottages for rent.  Here is the view from those cottages.  We just may have to rent one one of these fine days.  What a peaceful setting.


Tomorrow we’ll finish our journey with stops at New Harbor, Pemaquid, and Liberty, Maine in search of the illusive lobstah roll, so be sure to join us. 

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -


  1. Nice job capturing a pictoral essence of coastal Maine!

  2. Hey, I like your new truck. You might want to put dual wheels on the back of it though so you have enough load carrying capacity.

    Jim and Linda

  3. We are preparing to head west. Next year we are heading east and you have given us lots of places to visit. thanks.