Thursday, June 09, 2011

Justa Cruisin’

After we finished w*rking yesterday afternoon, Mike and Peggy arrived at Wild Duck Campground to pick us up to go “Cruisin’”.  And what a machine we had to go “Cruisin’” in.  “Round Round Get Around, I Get Around”   It was Mike’s fully restored 1965 Chevelle SS (Super Sport).  “She’s My Little Duece Coupe, You Don’t Know What I Got”  

Mikee was a good boy and didn’t open up his exhaust cutouts; that woulda turned a few heads for sure, not that heads didn’t turn anyhow whenever that 327 roared to life.  “She’s Real Fine My 409, She’s Real Fine My 409, My 409”  A true “Muscle Cah”; can’t you just hear the Beach Boys in the background?  “I’m Picking Up Good Vibrations, She’s Giving Me Excitations”  


We did a “drive by” through Old Orchard Beach.  Then we took the back roads, along the waterfront, returning to Scarborough where we stopped at the Salty Sea Take Out for some fried scallops and shrimp.  They were too greasy for us, but the view from the picnic tables was nothing short of stunning. 



Well, this is it.  Our last day at Wild Duck.  Again, this has been a great campground and a great experience.  But, we now look forward to getting back to playing once again.  Randy and Terry arrive in Topsham on Monday.  The girls are past due for a “giggle” session and us guys are looking forward to a nice homemade “lobstah” stew.  Now, if the weather will just cooperate as well as it did last “summah”.

“Ba Ba Ba - Ba Barbara Ann, Ba Ba Ba – Ba Barbara Ann, Barbara Ann”  Can’t seem to get them Beach Boys songs out of my head.  “Help Me Rhonda, Help Help Me Rhonda” 

That’s it for today.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -

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  1. Ahhh yesss!!!! Cruisin'

    Jim and Linda Smith