Monday, June 13, 2011

What Is “Nutin’ Honey”?, Alex

Winter returns, yep, I’m “fixinto” whine.  Boy, yesterday only got up into the fifties filled with dampness and rain all about.  It would be nice to get out of this cycle and stay in the sunshine for just a little while.  We’re just about ready to pull the plug on this little adventure and high tail it back to the south.  We probably would have if we hadn’t planned a vacation with Marc, Amie, and kids over the 4th of July week.  Just need to talk that lad into moving south with the rest of the family. 

Now that I’m done whining, “nutin’ Honey” is pretty much what we did yesterday.  We attended worship at First Baptist of Freeport, came home, and spent the rest of the day hunkered inside with the fireplace roaring.  I must admit, it did feel good to be lazy.

There’s been a lot of activity at the fairgrounds over the past forty eight hours.  Smokey’s Great Adventure is pulling in one carnival trailer after another.  They are parked across the fairgrounds from us, however, three more “campers” have showed up.  That’s really not a problem as there are plenty of spaces, but we did post a “reserved” sign on a site for Winne.

Randy and Terry will arrive today so come “heck or high water” we’re gonna have fun.  Today’s travel day dinner will be a special homemade “George Patterson” fish chowdah and a salad.  I will begin building said chowdah the first thing (well, second thing) this morning so it can sit for a few hours before we dig in.  Chowdah is always better the second day as the main ingredient is time (not to be confused with thyme).  

The question of the day, “Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?”

Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -


  1. While you guys are hunkered down in front of a roaring fire, we are roasting in the mild South Texas heat at Goliad State Park. When the weather is at the extremes, maybe balmy California is looking pretty good.
    Travel safe, be warm.