Friday, June 03, 2011

The Pine Tree State

Maine is the Pine Tree State and that’s for a good reason.  There are by far more pine trees in Maine than there are people.  Lots and lots more!!  And with pine trees you get pine cones, pine needles, pine sap, and, in the spring, pine dust.  It’s pine dust season and we are covered.  Well, when I say we, I mean the truck and the RV.  Also, the sap has been dripping and leaving it’s sticky self all over our “stuff” as well.

What that means is that when we get to Topsham, in another week, I will need to borrow a step ladder from my good pal Mikee and begin working like mad.  We will, also, need to clean inside from top to bottom as pine dust is just like any dust and it travels everywhere. 

It’s a good thing for Lestoil; that stuff cuts through pine sap slick as a whiz.  It also cuts through wax slick as a whiz so we’ll have to re-wax the RV and the truck (then we’ll definitely need to “we-wax” for awhile).  We’ll save that little chore for the week after the mini-Maine Event.

Our replacements showed up yesterday.  Yep, we will be starting our last week here at Wild Duck on Monday.  George and Sandy pulled in in a nice new Foretravel motorcoach; just beautiful.  We haven’t met them yet as we were headed out when they arrived and they were out when we walked over to their “wheel estate”.

During our planning/dreaming session back in February, when we set this gig up, we had visions of warm spring days of walking, biking, cook outs, etc..  Well, to say the least, that isn’t what we got.  What we got was three and a half weeks of winter weather; well, winter weather to us, that is.  We did get in some walking, some sightseeing, some cook outs, etc. in spite of the weather, but no biking.

However, it has been nice to be in Maine and we did get a lot of reading and “we-waxing” done.  And, the weather has been pretty darned nice over the past week.  A tad bit chilly, but nice none the less.  At least we’ve had a visit from Mr. Sunshine each and every day.  Now, if we can talk Mikee into turning up the thermostat just a tad, it will be just perfect.  We need warmer weather because Randy and Terry are coming and Terry’s a real wimp.  Smile

Today is haircut day for both of us.  Then we’ll join Mike and Peggy to see if we can find some mischief to get into.  We decided not to unload the bikes and rack off the RV, get out the air compressor, air up the tires, load the bikes and rack onto the truck, unload the bikes, go for a ride, reload the bikes, unload the bikes and rack off the truck, and then reload the bikes and rack back onto the RV.  All of that for a five mile bike ride hardly seems worth it, so we’ll just wait until we get to Topsham to do our biking.

Okay, now that I have worn you out with that exercise, I guess I should just let you “we-wax” for awhile.  Take Care Until Next Time  - - - - - -    

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